I believe in investing in good makeup tools as they will last for ages and trust me when I say this; good quality makeup brushes can help you improve your skills really fast and you will have better results every time. Today I have Core Collection by Real Techniques! Let's see if it was worth investing in this brush set.
Let's talk about this gorgeous Mono Eyeshadow by Essence which might be a great addition to your collection.
Where foundation is a very important step to create awesome canvas for your creations, it can also be a tricky product to choose. Many people struggle for years before they find that perfect one. Let's see if Teint Lumière by Elissance Paris has the ability to become that perfect one for you.
A makeup addict, on well in this case, a makeup geek can never have enough eyeshadows and pigments. Today I am going to review five more pigments by Makeup Geek hoping that this post might help you make your mind on what to choose for your New Year's Eve.

Palettes are a great way to save money as the cost of collective shades in one palette will always be lesser than if you will buy them separately. Today I will be reviewing Stageline Cosmetics' Velvet Blush Palette. Let's see if the palette is worth buying.
If I could, I would buy all the blushers in the world. They don't just look pretty but for some reason, they make me happy! Today I have Blush Up by Essence for you which is nothing but love.

The moment when you have a love / hate relationship with a product because it works like magic, smells awesome but you mind has it's own priorities. Read my review on this Cleansing Oil by Stageline Cosmetics.
The newest member of Color Studio Professional's amazing makeup range that will make you addict on first use. Read my full review and decide for yourself if this baby is worth buying!
If I have to choose one makeup item, I would choose mascara. It instantly brightens up your sleepy face and if you are like me, you would end up using it on your brows too. Today I will be telling you my experience about Curl Addict Waterproof Curling Mascara by Luscious Cosmetics.
Not every makeup product works as it has been advertised. Sometimes it is because of individual differences / human error but sometimes its the other way around. Today I will be sharing my experience about this Mascara Volume Intense by Elissance Paris. 
I am a huge fan of gel liners; from application to finish to staying power [for certain brands], everything makes me go for gel liners more than pencil, liquid or pen liners. Let's see if Sleek's Ink Pot Gel Liner impressed me at all.

I usually go for translucent powders because I feel like that pressed / loose powders with pigment kind of cake up the finish and I always say that it is better to go dewy than get a caked up face. But this time I thought to give these Forever Flawless Pressed Powder by Jordana Cosmetics a try. Let's see if they were worth spending the money.
NEW Flat Top Foundation Brush by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia - Review & Comparison
If you have been reading my blog for quite sometime, you would have been aware of Colours Cosmetics Malaysia creating a brush specially for Asian hands! If you didn't know about that yet, you will get a good idea of what I am talking about, in this post.
I don't always get confused about certain products but when I do, I use them until I have no more doubts about them. Today I have Eveline Cosmetics' Pure Control SOS range for you. Let's see if all the claims they make are true.
All my readers looking for a great quality but budget friendly eye shadow primer are going to love this creation by Stageline Cosmetics
Collecting makeup brushes gives one such hard time when it comes to make a few your favorites. You are just so choosy that at times it take you to a point to either keep a brush under your pillow or throw it in a bin. Let's see if Color Studio Professional's makeup brushes will be something I would love Santa to bring me this year or they are gonna just sit in a dark drawer forever.
People like me, living out of Pakistan, shopping for our traditional Pakistani outfits gets really uncomfortable. You either don't find what you want, at all - or you just end up paying a fortune. But services like Malbosat.biz has made life even more easier with their ready-to-wear range. Today, I'm featuring one of their Kurta in this post.
When life gives you lemons; you make lemonade but when it gives you eyeshadows; you go crazy with them! Seriously, there is no such thing as I-finally-have-enough-eyeshadows. In this post, I am featuring ten more eyeshadows by Makeup Geek. A company owned by a true makeup geek, Marlena! *hats off*

Following is a research done by foodpanda on calorie counts of famous fast food items that inhibit most of us from eating due to concerns of gaining weight. If eaten in moderation, these fast food items do not impose negative health impacts. Cutting down on order size and a few ingredients in your meal is a smart thing to do if you’re watching out for your weight and planning to keep a healthy body.
Today I am reviewing a highly hyped and raved product named; New Control Cream by Charmzone. Did this product impress me at all? Did it make me fall in love on first use or did it disappointed me completely? Let's find out. 
Since I moved to Malaysia, I have had trouble organizing my jewelry collection. I moved like three houses here and either I had to keep my jewelry in boxes due to lack of space or in piles when I got big drawers. This Hanging Jewelry Organizer however, saved me huge time, money and space, let me tell you how. Also, I will be telling you how I organized my jewelry when I was unable to get organizers of any sort.
If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you would know how much I love Makeup Geek's Eye Shadows. I got a chance to try their Brushes in New Design and let's see if they were a hit or a miss!
Where choosing a scrub can be really easy, it can also be really important to choose the best for your skin's needs. Let's see if Whitening Facial Scrub by Eveline Cosmetics has what it takes to be the best!
If you are following me on Facebook or in my friend list, you must have seen how much I have raved about this brush. Reasons to fall in love with this brush were straight & simple which you will get to know in this post today.
Three years ago I started blogging when I didn't know what the term blogging really meant and when I thought I will only post about my YouTube videos over here, but then I tried to write my first review which took me like seven days. I was a lot nervous while publishing my views about something as the thought of people reading it gave me goosebumps. Reviewing something puts a great responsibility on ones shoulders because it can effect so many people in so many different ways.

But here I am now, three years have been past and still counting. I literally went though all my blog posts a few days ago and saw how embarrassing some of my early posts were. Terrible clicks and miserable writing was most that I did. But guess what? You guys appreciated me unconditionally every single time and that kept me going. 

Blogging for me is not just a hobby to kill my spare time. It has become my passion that has helped me in my hard times, no matter how stressed I was, one click of Publish button always cheered me up. There had been times when I was unable to blog more often and there were also times when I felt like I will need to give up on blogging but heck no, I don't want to stop breathing. =D 

A huge thanks to Allah Almighty for giving me strength to keep up with blogging while managing my family and work successfully. Thanks to my husband, my son, my Maa, my sisters, my brother, my father-in-law, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law (I know this is a long list XD). These people have supported me and encouraged me even when my videos / posts were never upto the mark. They literally made me feel like I am the only good blogger in the whole wide world. 

A BIG thanks and unlimited virtual-hugs to my readers who have always been there and at times when I was away from blogging, you pulled me back to it with your messages / emails and also with your lovely comments that I read every time I read an old post of mine. I cannot express how many connections I have made with you all in past three years, how many blogger and non blogger friends I have made, all because of blogging. You guys are the reason that never let all that negativity stop me from getting better with each post. And I know that you all will always help me get better and improve my work. Thank you so much! 

And last but not the least, thanks to the cosmetics companies who trusted in my work and supported me all this time. Thanks for making all those gorgeous goodies that we makeup junkies drool over. 

I am going to end this post with an announcement that there will be a giveaway to celebrate this month so keep an eye on my Facebook page.

Thank you for your time, support, encouragement and love. (and well done on making it to the end of this never-ending post)
*Stay Beautiful
We all try to find a foundation that gives a flawless yet natural finish with a long lasting staying power especially when it comes to summers when everything including our makeup melts no matter what we do. Today I have a foundation to share with you all that might saves lots of your days and nights of touch-ups.

With aging and hectic life styles, our skin starts to loose that baby-touch and then comes a time when we start to feel like we need some aid. Today I will tell you my experience about two creams that made a huge difference for my skin without putting a single layer of makeup in my everyday life.
We have all seen this 15 color concealer palette being used by so many YouTube Gurus and Beauty Bloggers across the globe. Out of curiosity, I also wanted to get my hand on one and honestly speaking, I was afraid to use it. Let's see if this palette was a hit or miss in my books.
Where I publish reviews about the products I love, I feel like I have to publish review about the product that did not work for me. L'Oreal Paris' Revitalift Total Repair 10 BB Cream might not work for you just like it couldn't for me. Read the full post to know why it failed. 

A toner should be good enough to balance out the skin instead of drying it out. Let's see how I found this affordable toner by Essence.
Looking for budget friendly lip liners that don't go harsh on lips and stay for decent time? You might find something suitable in this review.
Lipstick lovers would know what a perfect lipstick should behave like. Today I am reviewing one of my favorite lipsticks that won my heart for solid reasons.
Garnier is one of my highly tested and trusted brand when it comes to face washes and body lotions. Today I have their Anti-Blackhead Scrub on my blog and let's see if this one worked for me or not.
Looking for a high quality concealer that will give you a no-makeup makeup finish while making you look fresh and awake? Check out this Artdeco Perfect Teint Concealer that I have been using for past few weeks now.
All the rave about L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Kohl Liner made me have high hopes with this liner. Find out if it was a hit or a miss for me.
Removing makeup at home or on the go, it is always good to have a pack of wipes in your makeup bag or at your vanity. Let's if Cleansing Wipes by Essence are worth trying.

Multi-purpose products are always my favorite specially when it comes to pack my makeup bag for travelling. Today I have Stageline's multi-purpose loose pigment on my blog. Let's see how good it is.

Want a flawless and natural looking makeup? Read my experience with Real Techniques' Miracle Complexion Sponge and decide for yourself if this tool is worth spending money on.
Today I am reviewing Real Techniques' Blush Brush which won my heart for many reasons. Find out more in the post.
A blusher can be a girl's best friend and once it does, there is no stopping in collecting as much as you can. For me personally; I never travel without atleast four blushers in my travel case and for everyday use; I literally mix two or more to give my love to all my blushers equally. Oh yes they can feel neglected!
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