What's better than an inexpensive but great quality blush? Another favorite product of mine from MUA Makeup Academy's wide range.
Most of the people still have the concept of using lip liners only when you need to show a contrast between a lipstick and liner and they hardly use a lip liner otherwise. Even I never knew the importance of a lip liner before I started to learn about makeup. Let's see what this lip liner can do for everyone who uses makeup.

It is 14th of August and we are celebrating 65th Independence Day of our motherland Pakistan today. I am away from my homeland but I really wanted to be a part of it and so here is a makeup look I did especially for this day. Oh and my son also joined me to say Happy Independence Day to all Pakistani around the world. =)

Hey all! I have participated in a contest held by Makeupbee and Sigma. I submitted my purple makeup look which you all loved in my previous FOTD. I am doing this post to ask for your help. All you have to do is to vote for me so I can have some chance to win. If you would like to help me, then keep on reading.
Having good quality makeup brushes does not mean they always have to be super expensive and hard on your pockets. I tried Mini Synthetic Makeup Brush Set by Femi Cosmetics and I must say I am impressed. Do you want to know why?
Well defined eye brows make a huge difference on anyone's face and people who are into makeup, cannot deny the importance of a brow gel. For me this is a must have product in my makeup kit at home or on the go.
A cleanser is an important skin care product that everybody need to use these days. No matter if you do or don't use makeup, the pollution alone is enough to gather up impurities, dust and oil on to the skin and a cleanser is something that will ensure the health of your skin if used regularly.
My biggest obsession in lip and nail products is nude shade. No matter where I see it, I buy it anyways as the shade I love is not always available everywhere. I was asked to select a shade and I am really happy that even selecting the shade online worked great for me.
Blush is another makeup item for me that I need to have in many shades to go with my inside and outside weather, outfits, occasions etc. Let's see how I found this blush by Nature's Brilliance by Sue TM.
Mineral Hygienics have always impressed me with their products. This time I tried their lipstick for the first time and I am glad to find that this is absolutely my kind of lipstick. The one I would comfortably wear everyday. You want to know why?

Achieve well-defined eyes with this month’s complimentary gift! During the month of August*, Sigma will be providing the E05 eye liner brush as the complimentary gift for any purchase over $30. This brush is great to use with gel or liquid eye liner to achieve a flawless and precise look. The brush is a smaller version of our E05 eye liner brush and comes in a cute hot pink hue. Keep reading to get the 10% discount code for August 2012.
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