I was sent this Z Palette by Makeup Geek sometime ago. I have been seeing people using these palette for many years but for some reason, I was never compelled to them. Let's see if I am a Z Palette fan now or not!
I received some Makeup Revolution goodies around more than two months ago but since I wasn't able to blog, these reviews went due for a long time. But staying away from blogging did not stop me from trying the products and hence, I am here with my first review on a Makeup Revolution product.
Are you sick of your makeup looking all cakey? This might be a budget friendly solution for you.
I haven't haul-ed or blogged in a while. It does not mean that I don't want to but its just that I have some other issues & responsibilities on my priority. But that obviously could not stop me from hoarding makeup and here I am back to blogging [hopefully], with a haul.
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