If I have to choose one makeup item, I would choose mascara. It instantly brightens up your sleepy face and if you are like me, you would end up using it on your brows too. Today I will be telling you my experience about Curl Addict Waterproof Curling Mascara by Luscious Cosmetics.
Not every makeup product works as it has been advertised. Sometimes it is because of individual differences / human error but sometimes its the other way around. Today I will be sharing my experience about this Mascara Volume Intense by Elissance Paris. 
I am a huge fan of gel liners; from application to finish to staying power [for certain brands], everything makes me go for gel liners more than pencil, liquid or pen liners. Let's see if Sleek's Ink Pot Gel Liner impressed me at all.

I usually go for translucent powders because I feel like that pressed / loose powders with pigment kind of cake up the finish and I always say that it is better to go dewy than get a caked up face. But this time I thought to give these Forever Flawless Pressed Powder by Jordana Cosmetics a try. Let's see if they were worth spending the money.
NEW Flat Top Foundation Brush by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia - Review & Comparison
If you have been reading my blog for quite sometime, you would have been aware of Colours Cosmetics Malaysia creating a brush specially for Asian hands! If you didn't know about that yet, you will get a good idea of what I am talking about, in this post.
I don't always get confused about certain products but when I do, I use them until I have no more doubts about them. Today I have Eveline Cosmetics' Pure Control SOS range for you. Let's see if all the claims they make are true.
All my readers looking for a great quality but budget friendly eye shadow primer are going to love this creation by Stageline Cosmetics
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