Those times are gone when one beauty soap was enough to use for face, hands and body. Now, we have specific products for everything, atleast in my case. Garnier has always impressed me when it comes to their face washes and today we will see if their Exfoliating Daily Wash worked for me or not.
My utmost favourite nail polish is the one that has multi-coloured blingidy bling in a clear polish. Seriously, I can never apply a clear top coat to seal my polish. Neither do I get enough time nor do I am that patient. But I would totally dazzle up my mono toned polish with a top coat full of sparkles, just like the one I am reviewing today. 

I have never been a huge fan of lipsticks mostly because lipsticks emphasize my dry lips even more and usually, lipsticks fade away leaving a weird looking residue at the sides of the lips. But yes, there are a few lipsticks that I have tried and loved. Let's see if this highly raved addition in Color Studio Pro's range is worth the hype.
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