Charmzone New Control Cream Set - Review

Today I am reviewing a highly hyped and raved product named; New Control Cream by Charmzone. Did this product impress me at all? Did it make me fall in love on first use or did it disappointed me completely? Let's find out. 

Charmzone New Control Cream:
Charmzone New Control Cream Feature:-

It removes impurities from deep down in the pores without scrubbing. Maintains the skin's natural balance of oils and moistures by utilizing a cytokine ingredient.

Step 1: Controls hyperactivity in the sebaceous glands to prevent overproduction of sebum and allows the skin to quickly absorb moisture.

Step 2: Helps to induce the skin's own production of Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF).

Step 3: Maintains optimal skin conditions by balancing the skin's oil and moisture levels in the skin.

Step 4: The essence ingredient provides enriched nutrition.

How to use
*In the morning: Spread a suitable amount of Charmzone New Control Cream evenly over the face after washing. Allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes until the skin becomes moisturized. Wipe the cream off by softly patting with a tissue after massaging for 20-30 seconds.

*In the evening: Remove color make-up and wash face with water. Use 3-4 grams and spread Charmzone New Control Cream evenly over the entire face. Allow it to sit for 3-4 minutes until the skin becomes moisturized.Massage for 2-3 minutes. Wipe off the oil residue by softly patting with a tissue. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Addition by me: It was also written on box that for oily or acne-prone skin, wash face with water or soap after using this cream. Also, in the leaflet that came with the product, they said that it can be used on body as well.

Charmzone New Control Cream Set - Review
Charmzone New Control Cream
Charmzone New Control Cream Set - Review
Charmzone New Control Cream
Charmzone New Control Cream Set - Review
Charmzone New Control Cream
Charmzone New Control Cream Set - Review
Charmzone New Control Cream

Product Description & Packaging:
This set comes in a packaging of two tubes; larger one contains 200g while the smaller one contains 50g of product. The packaging is quite sturdy and the text over tubes did not fade away even after continuous usage of over four weeks. The cream has a fluffy texture and feels soft on skin. The scent is pretty mild and usual face-cream-like. At application it feels like it is absorbing into the skin and will go matte in a few seconds but once you leave it on skin, all the oil from the universe starts to appear on the face which I believe is the main purpose of the cream as per my understanding. That is why they have advised to pat-off the excess cream from the skin or rinse if off with water. My review is going to be based on all the claims this creams make as I am quite confident that I have tried it in all Sahrish-ly-ways-possible.

Overall Experience:
Yet another product on my vanity that got me into a love-hate feeling. I will break down my review into two parts; face & body so you know what I mean by love-hate part.

Face: I used this cream as per advised for three days. I did not wash my face with water or soap and just patted really well with a tissue until the oil is gone. On fourth day, I was going out and I used one sheer-medium coat of my trust Rich Treatment Foundation by Artdeco. After exactly five minutes, I started sweating like anything and my skin became red in patches and started to itch a lot. I took off my foundation and the skin went back to normal in a few hours. Note that the instructions clearly states that it is fine to wear makeup while using the product. On next day, I noticed a zit under one of my eyebrow, close to my nose [weird place], two on my chin, one on my upper lip and a few on side of my cheek. I immediately stopped using this cream and went back to my old skin care routine. In 3-4 days, I saw a massive improvement in those zits, no reaction to any makeup and I thought to use this cream and rinse it off with soap afterwards as I did not want to give up on an award winning product.

I used this cream for another ten days or so; to be on the safe side, I did not use any makeup at all. I did not get any more acne / zits but I noticed a massive increase in oil secretion and then I went to a party, used my same foundation and bam!!! heck lot of itching & red-bumpy-patches. I stopped the usage of this cream on my face but right now I have about 8-10 tiny acne bumps on my face on all weird places.

I want to clarify here that I have oil / combination skin but the cream gave me acne on the part of my face which is normal. Also, I have never had any acne issues in my life of 29 years. The foundation I use has never given me any issues in past seven months and I know all the hygiene conditions really well.

It also claims to exfoliate the skin and in a PDF file that the company sent me said that it removes black heads. Those claims failed for me big times.

For face, I would say that it is a huge NO for me. I will not recommend this product to anyone with oily/combination skin.

Now the people who think and say that beauty bloggers get all kind of free stuff; oh well! Now you know what price we have to pay at times to try and review all the stuff for you. =D Still love my job for all the fun and thrills it brings for me!!!

Body: While using the product on my face, I tried it on my legs and arms as well. The company suggests to use it before shower and as a result, the skin will still stay moisturized after shower. Well I tried that on my legs which are always super dry as compared to my face, and on my arms which has normal skin type. I usually moisturize my legs after every shower and also every single night and sometime in day time as well. But the moisture does not stay locked for 24 hours. I used this Control Cream on my legs after shower and I can honestly say that even after about 36 hours my legs did not feel much dry. I did not pat the oil off as there was almost none after the application.

I tried using the cream before shower and yes my legs stayed moisturized after shower but that moisture lasted for around 18 hours or so. Still pretty impressive as a regular cream / lotion will never be able to do that.

I got even better result for my arms which has normal skin type. About 24+ hours of moisture after shower and even longer when I used the cream like I would use a lotion.

Overall, I regret using this product on my face as I am unable to use any kind of makeup on my face and even my eyebrows hurt. My skin has become really sensitive and I just hope that all the zits go away really soon. Even though they are pretty tiny, I didn't want them on my face. As for body, yes the product worked really nicely. This might only be my face and my skin and it might work for all of you, specially if you have dry skin type but I still would not recommend this product to anyone. I will keep using the rest of the product on my body and as for my face, I am going back to my old skincare routine because ain't nobody going makeup-less on Eid day. :D

Cost & Availability:
Charmzone New Control Cream Set costs RM 190 in Malaysia and for about $20-$32 on worldwide websites.

Currently you can get it from for RM 152 [on sale] and you can get RM 20 off of your purchase of RM 99 or more by using the discount code CHARMJUNE at checkout on this website, valid until 31st August 2014. Click here to learn more about the product.

HiShop has a lot more brands available and I am one of their customers as well, with a satisfactory shopping experience, so if you don't have plan to get this specific product, you can go check out the rest of the range they have. For more updates from HiShop, you can;
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Have you ever had a bad experience with a product? Do share your experience!  

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful

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  1. You have to clean the control cream by rinsing or wash with cleansing foam

  2. You should have wash your face with plain water or cleansing foam instead of just patting with tissue.

    1. The instructions do not say any such thing as stated in this post as well which is taken from their website. I tried it to know if it works or not by following instructions.


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