I showed these lipsticks in my yesterday's haul post and here is the in depth review with swatches. I have no idea why I always end up with photo heavy posts when it comes to lipsticks but it is what it is. Enjoy!
A few weeks ago I was after buying either some lipsticks or some nail polishes; late night obsessions you know. I did a quick poll on my Facebook Page and most of the people advised me to go for lippies and hence, here is a haul.
Even though I do not wear jewelry all the time except for my wedding ring and eyebrow stud, I still love collecting jewelry whenever I can. But then, I am a person who would prefer to buy jewelry online but can we trust the quality and service of any website? I have had bad experiences in past but today I am glad to have one of the great options for you guys, living all across the globe. 
Do you use lip liners? If yes, you might like this review but if not, you need to read this because you are missing on something good. Also, I will tell you how I use a lip liner and why it is essential for me!
It has been almost two years since I published any nail polish reviews on my blog and I honestly feel bad about it. Hence, I promise myself to try and publish atleast one nail polish review every week. Today, as a fresh start to such posts, I have Bohemian by Picture Polish. Check out the full post for swatch & some macro shots of this beauty.
BB Creams in my opinion are one of the best addition in cosmetics. Today I will talk about my experience with White Prestige 4D Whitening Multifunction BB Cream by Eveline Cosmetics so you can see if this one is going to make it to your stash or not.
I love how we have some cosmetic companies who create awesome and affordable products as not all of us can splurge on high end ones. People have been raving about these Metal Foils by Makeup Revolution being dupe for Stila's. Let's see how good the Metal Eye Foils are.
I know there are people who do not like lip glosses but if you want to fall in love, XXXL Long Lasting Lip Gloss Mirror Shine Effect by Essence Cosmetics might be worth a try. Want to know why?
Eyeliner/Kajal & lip gloss would be the first makeup item that most of were allowed to use when we were teens yet we are still using these products even after years. Which shows how basic and important an eyeliner could be. Want to know if this eyeliner won my heart?
We all want flawless skin without using makeup every single day and that, in my opinion, can be achieved by following a healthy lifestyle and then by adapting a quality & continuous skin care routine. Today I will talk about a skin care range I tested for over six weeks. Let's see if it worked for me or not and if it is what you have been looking for.
I have been obsessing over lipsticks lately and I found myself reaching for my Golden Rose Cosmetics's Velvet Matte Lipstick a lot in past few days. Today I will be talking about these babies that won my heart in first impression but did they end up being my favorite?
I love colored eye liners to add something special to the eyes without putting too much effort specially when I do not have spare time to do my eye makeup. In this post, you will read my experience with Long Lasting Eye Pencil by Essence Cosmetics along with a quick eye makeup look that is equally good for day & night time.
I have a giveaway going on my Facebook Page & Instagram. Thought to share it on my blog too in case you guys don't know about it yet. Easiest possible entries and chance to win two of my favorite colors by Picture Polish; one polish for each winner and total two winners will be selected after 10th of July, 2015. This giveaway is open worldwide so do participate.

You can join the giveaway on following links: [just click on the text]
Facebook Page

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful
A lip liner can improve the results of ones lipstick application dramatically. Does Sleek Makeup has something that would suit your needs? Let's find out.
Looking for a light weight founation for summers? BB Foundation by Makeup Academy MUA might be the answer!

A proper application of eyeliner can compliment your look but with the busy life these days; people need something easy to use which would last for longer hours. Let's see if Cat's Eyes Liner by Golden Rose Cosmetics worked for me.

You guys love giveaways and since May was the month of my blog's 4th birthday and I was unable to publish any giveaway; here is the first one of many to come in coming weeks. This giveaway is exclusive to people residing in Pakistan and is sponsored by MockingJay.
You try a foundation; you love it and then you try another, you hate it but then there is one you love and hate at the same time. Do you think this Liquid Makeup by Stageline Cosmetics falls into that category? Let's find out.
Worried about your pores, excessive oils and blackheads issue? May be Pure Skin Anti Shine Pore Refining Serum by Essence can help you.
Some people like brow powders, some like pencils and some like other options but I personally am a fan of sharpen-able pencils. Let's see if this Dream Eyebrow Pencil by Golden Rose Cosmetics is worth buying.
Four years have been passed by and last year was just like a blur for me. I could not blog much, my health went down and then came back up, son's school, work load; everything was just so overwhelming for me and I often felt like I need a carbon copy of me to manage everything while managing my home. But, with Allah's help, your's & my family's encouragement and support, I managed to pull through it all. May be slowly but learnt to be steady for sure. 

I am so thankful to know so many people around the globe because of my blogging. I have had things and by things I mean, great things came to my way that a homemaker would have never imagines otherwise. And all of this was possible because of my readers. You guys read my posts and share them which makes a huge difference. And when someone of you lets me know how any of my posts helped you; it makes my day and motivates me to write more.

I still look back at my older posts; the content and the photos were not good and I admit that, but even then I had you all to encourage me and support me with your kind words. Thank you for that! <3

And I so want to quote something from my last year's post because that is what I still feel;

"Blogging for me is not just a hobby to kill my spare time. It has become my passion that has helped me in my hard times, no matter how stressed I was, one click of Publish button always cheered me up. There had been times when I was unable to blog more often and there were also times when I felt like I will need to give up on blogging but heck no, I don't want to stop breathing. =D "

A huge thanks to Allah Almighty for giving me strength to keep up with blogging while managing my family and work successfully. Thanks to my husband, my son, my Maa, my sisters, my brother, my father-in-law, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law (I know this is a long list XD). These people have supported me and encouraged me even when my videos / posts were never upto the mark. They literally made me feel like I am the only good blogger in the whole wide world. Love these people to bits! 

Huge thanks to my readers who have always been there and at times when I was away from blogging, you pulled me back to it. I would also like to thank to all the PR/Companies for trusting me and giving me opportunities to work with you and also for accepting my reviews with all the pros & cons. Thank you for respecting the bloggers and giving them the platform that they deserve.

I am going to end this post with an announcement that there will be either one huge giveaway with five winners or five mini giveaway throughout next few weeks to celebrate this life changing month so keep an eye on my Facebook page & Instagram! 

My social media links so you can follow me to stay tuned; [just click to open in a new window]

Thank you for your time, support, encouragement and love. (and once again, well done on making it to the end of this never-ending post; just like last year)

*Stay Beautiful
White Prestige Whitening Milky Body Lotion by Eveline Cosmetics - Review
I am a person who cannot survive without a lip balm and moisturizers. Today I am going to talk about one of my most used body lotion by Eveline Cosmetics, a skincare brand that I adore with all my heart.
It is a known fact that a makeup lover cannot have enough lipsticks but would someone commit to buying a 24 color lip palette? Today I will review Stageline Cosmetics' Lip Palette for you with swatches for full palette.

I always suggest people to invest in good makeup brushes as they will last for ages and trust me when I say this; good quality makeup brushes can help you improve your skills really fast and you will have better results every time. Today I have Starter Set by Real Techniques for you! Let's see if it was worth investing in this brush set.
Out of all makeup items; blusher is one thing that I absolutely love to collect and with that being said, I am not easy to be pleased when it comes to a blusher application. Let's see if this Vivid Blush Lacquer by Makeup Revolution has won my heart or not!
I was sent this Z Palette by Makeup Geek sometime ago. I have been seeing people using these palette for many years but for some reason, I was never compelled to them. Let's see if I am a Z Palette fan now or not!
I received some Makeup Revolution goodies around more than two months ago but since I wasn't able to blog, these reviews went due for a long time. But staying away from blogging did not stop me from trying the products and hence, I am here with my first review on a Makeup Revolution product.
Are you sick of your makeup looking all cakey? This might be a budget friendly solution for you.
I haven't haul-ed or blogged in a while. It does not mean that I don't want to but its just that I have some other issues & responsibilities on my priority. But that obviously could not stop me from hoarding makeup and here I am back to blogging [hopefully], with a haul.
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