Ever since I moved to Malaysia, I got into the organization a lot more than before and when you are renting a place, buying expensive and bulky stuff is not always an option. Today I am sharing some items on my wishlist that I am sure can make my home organization a breeze and hopefully will inspire you too. 
Do you have that one nail polish in your collection that you reach for every time you are not sure what to wear on your nails? Well, for me it is Grace by Picture Polish. Let's see if this gorgeous shade is worth spending your money on!
I have seen many variations of Cabbage Soup Diet Plan over the web but with my lifestyle and needs, I made a few changes. I have a family to take care of and things can get jam-packed at times, giving me minimum time to spend on extra things which is why this plan works great for me.
I tried a few recipes for Cabbage Soup for the Cabbage Soup Diet from the web but none of them was exactly what I would actually look forward to eating multiple times a day until I made a few changes to the original recipe and the result was so delicious that even my family wanted to taste the soup.
I finally got the time to post my first ColourPop haul with product details over here. This post will have shades, prices and a guide for places that you can buy the ColourPop from. Enjoy reading!
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