Femi Cosmetics have stunned me previously with their highly pigmented eye shadows. This time I have a review for their lip glaze. Let's see how I found it.
Adding accessories to the outfits is a must thing for everyone everywhere and having handmade accessories that can be specially customized according to your choice of colors can give you a personal feel. Today I am reviewing an online store 'Comfys' as well as a few of their products.
You love eyeliners but it's hard to get a nicely defined line? MUA's Extreme Felt Eyeliner will make your life easy for sure. 

I obviously love makeup but I am crazy about the makeup that has high pigmentation and blends without much effort. These loose eye shadows by Femi Cosmetics are unbelievably pigmented and the shades are so pretty that you would want to play with them whenever you look at them.
We have seen NYX's Jumbo Pencils in action for so long and web is full of rave reviews with qualities of this favorite pencil of so many makeup experts. How could I not contribute with my review and experience about this awesome pencil.
Retractable brushes are my favorite when I am on the go and I love the fact that retractable kabuki brushes can be used for foundation, contouring, blush and/or highlighting. Let's see if this kabuki brush is capable enough.
I love eye liners as they give a lovely and lively look to the eyes even without eye shadows. I also love playing with colors and I didn't think playing with a good quality color eye liner will be so much fun. I have used colored eye liners before but for me an eye liner is no good if it can't stay for hours.
Mineral makeup is getting popular day by day for its properties and when it comes to use mineral makeup, I always start it with a mineral foundation. For me having a safe and good base means, I can apply anything on top of it as the base is going to protect my skin pretty much. This review is about mineral foundation I have tried recently.

Garnier enhances its Skin Care Portfolio with the launch of the Garnier Light Oil Control Fairness Cream

Leading international hair and skin care brand Garnier introduces a brand new product for Pakistani women this summer; Garnier Light Oil Control Fairness Cream. The launch of this fairness cream is another natural extension of the brands’ global technical expertise within its acclaimed Garnier Light range.
I have always been scared of wearing lenses even when I used to wear glasses. I just thought the lenses will cut my eye ball if I will keep my eyes closed for some time. Let's see how was my experience with these lenses by LensCircle.
Do you want to carry your favorite perfume in your handbag to work or college but can't, because it might leak or brake? Are you sick of not being allowed to bring that bottle of refreshing perfume on your airplane travels? Or, the bottle of that perfect-for-summer-perfume is too heavy to carry all day with you? Here is a solution to all the problems of perfume lovers!
Let's add some fun into our eyes for a change and go crazy with these crazy lens by Uniqso.
Click here or above picture to view the details and participate. This contest is open internationally except for the countries with US trade restriction.
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