Whitening Face Wash Gel by Eveline Cosmetics - Review

A face wash plays a very important role in keeping your skin healthy. No matter how religiously we use makeup removers / cleansers, there are lazy times when we reach for our face wash to make us feel fresh and clean without getting through any hassle. 

Whitening Face Wash Gel:
According to Eveline Cosmetics; White Prestige 4D Advanced Technology & Lumiskin™ 4D White Complex re-lights, perfectly cleanses and refreshes effectively reduces hyperpigmented areas for oily and combination skin. White Prestige 4D cosmetics series is the innovative treatment, acting in four dimensions: lightens complexion, evens out its tone and counteracts excessive pigmentation for up to 48h after application.

Cleanses & Whitens:
Whitening Facial Wash Gel enriched with Lumiskin™ 4D White Complex regulates synthesis of melanin, deeply purifies skin and promotes effective whitening, making complexion lighter day by day.

Advanced Ingredients:
Lumiskin™ – delays synthesis of melanin which accumulates in hyperpigmented areas, lightens complexion and prevents development of new dark spots.
Marigold extract – promotes skin regeneration and soothes irritations.
Aloe extract – has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. It strengthens and moisturizes skin, protecting it against externals.
Natural betaine – maintains epidermal hydrolipidic balance, improves skin elasticity.

Skin is free of any impurities and ideally prepared for White Prestige 4D  whitening treatment.

Product Description & Packaging:
The tube for this face wash is made up of plastic and is easily squeezable. The tube contains 200 ml of gel like face wash. The texture of this face wash is totally like any clear hair gel and it does not make leather when in contact with water. 

Whitening Face Wash Gel by Eveline Cosmetics - Review
Whitening Face Wash Gel by Eveline Cosmetics
Whitening Face Wash Gel by Eveline Cosmetics - Review
Whitening Face Wash Gel by Eveline Cosmetics

Overall Experience: 
If I had to sum up my experience about this face wash in one sentence, I would say; 'I love it and it is the easiest face wash I have ever used.' 

This face wash does not make any leather at all and I actually felt dumb when I used it for the first time and it did not change color or texture. I quickly grabbed the tube to check if it really is a face wash and felt even more confused when after rinsing, I still felt oil on my face. 

This is how this face wash works; you take a pea sized amount, massage it onto your damp face for roughly 30 seconds including your eye contour, rinse it with water, dab your face with towel and then your face goes completely matte in about 30 seconds to one minute without giving you any tight or dry feel. 

I got to tell you guys how I look forward to wash my face and neck (since it a whitening product ) with this gel wash every morning and night because I know it is going to rinse quicker than any other face washes I have ever used. Call me lazy!

It leaves no makeup residues, dirt or oil on the skin and keeps my skin matte though out the day except for my oily T-zone which gets shinier in 2-3 hours (pretty normal for me). 

As for the whitening part, I have been using it for about a month now along with other products from this range and I have noticed that most of my mildly dark spots are gone, my skin is neater and smoother and the main issue of redness on my face is gone by 70%. But since I am using most of the skin care products from same brand's whitening range, I cannot put the whole credit on one single product. 

This face wash also has a great value for money. 200 ml of product is a huge quantity for the price tag as you just need a pea sized amount for one time use.

Overall I am loving this face wash and I am going to buy it for sure once I run out of this one. 

Cost & Availability:
Each tube of Whitening Face Wash Gel by Eveline Cosmetics costs pkr 495. I got the retail price list for Eveline Cosmetics range from their official distributors in Pakistan so I am sure everything is genuine but I am still unsure how this product is so inexpensive in Pakistan. I checked online and found that it is usually sold for about $10 to $15; you can get it online from Amazon, eBay and many other individual online webstores.

In Pakistan, you can buy Eveline Cosmetics online from just4girls.pk and from these stores: Karachi -  Naheed Super Market Bahadurabad & Shaz Store Behind National Stadium Emis Khada Market. Lahore - Enem & Raja Sahib.

Have you ever tried this cosmetic brand? Feel free to share your experience with me.

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  1. it is so amazing that this official very low price in Pakistan..thanks for sharing.. loving your clicks.

  2. i love the design how beautiful pinky pink

  3. hi i jus checked ,,couldnt find it on ebay or amazon.can u pls share the link frm whr i cn buy it?

  4. Without over thinking i am just gonna they sell it cheap because they love Pakistan.


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