My Skin Caring Cleansing Wipes in Pomegranate & Bamboo by Essence - Review

Removing makeup at home or on the go, it is always good to have a pack of wipes in your makeup bag or at your vanity. Let's if Cleansing Wipes by Essence are worth trying.

Cleansing Wipes in Pomegranate & Bamboo by Essence:
They say: 'whether you’re travelling, on-the-go or at home: the practical cleansing wipes are essential everyday companions. thanks to the special alcohol-free formula, you can effortlessly remove waterproof make-up or dirt gently and effectively without drying out your skin. the seductive, exotic scent of pomegranate and bamboo whisks you away on a pampering journey of the senses. suitable for all skin types.'

Product Description & Packaging:
Essence cleansing wipes come in a sleek pack of 10 sheets with a sweet fragrance of pomegranate and bamboo. The size of this wipe is half of what you usual get in a baby wipes pack.

Overall Experience:
I always carry a mini sized wipe pouch in my bag no matter if I am just going to office, to dine out or for long travels. Wipes are a must have for me. Also, if you will spend sometime with me, you would notice that I have a pack of wipes in my office, my car, my vanity, my bag and also on my work desk.

Essence's Wipes looked so practical as one pack carries 10 sheets which makes it really handy and slim to pop into my makeup kit and for that I will give it full points. The sticking on the opening part worked till the pack ended so again, full points.

The fragrance is quite soothing and very mild. The ingredients do not make skin itch at all as I am quite prone to itchy and red skin after I cleanse my face with wet wipes.

Now comes the functionality; to check the claims they make I tested the pack to remove both, simple and waterproof makeup and also just to cleanse the face without having any makeup on.

- The wipes are not wet enough to remove even a BB Cream properly.
- Waterproof eyeliners only smudge with this wipe and nothing else really happens.
- It removes dirt, oil and leaves skin fresh but since these wipes are not wet enough, the only way to really get it worked is by rubbing it hard over skin which leaves skin red and sore.

Overall, I could not like these wipes at all for their poor functionality. Even though I opened the seal myself, I still have a doubt that I might have gotten the dried pack but again, that is a total turn off.

Cost & Availability:
If I am not wrong this 10 wipes pack is for about 80 - 100 pkr and about 3 - 5 MYR but I still need to confirm the price. Essence is available on all major cosmetics store across Pakistan, check out their Facebook page for more details. In Malaysia, Essence is available on all drugstore across country, check out their Facebook page for more details.

Let me know your favorite brand of wet wipes in the comments. I personally like to use JnJ's facial wipes for babies. Still could not find anything softer and moisturizing than that even though they make my skin a bit itchy when I am having bad-skin-days. But still work like a charm for me and my kiddo specially when we are travelling or dining out.

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