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I have been exfoliating my facial skin on regular basis since I tried Dermalogica's Microfoliant (review here). I have felt that mild exfoliation on regular basis keeps the skin smooth and healthier than exfoliating the facial skin once or twice a month. When I got this Rice & Milk Facial Cleansing Powder, I was really looking forward for good results since I really like natural products for my skin care routine. Let's see if this product impressed me at all.

It’s that time of the year again—Black Friday Free Shipping! This year Sigma is making things even better by offering TWO full days of free shipping (both domestic and First Class International shipping)! The sale will last from midnight (12AM Central Standard Time) on Thursday, November 22 to midnight (12AM Central Standard Time) on Friday, November 23. This gives you a whole 48 hours to place your orders! To redeem your free shipping, simply enter the code BF2012 at checkout. There is no minimum order, but only one discount code may be applied. You cannot use the monthly 10% off discount code with the free shipping so please keep this in mind when placing your orders. You will also get a free gift on your purchase of $30 or more.

Check out Sigma's amazing products here.
Check out my reviews on Sigma's products here.

How are you going to take advantage of this year’s Black Friday special?

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Today I am reviewing Makeup Geek's Eye Shadows. If you are into makeup and love to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, you must have heard of Makeup Geek. It was started by gorgeous Marlena a few years back and along with her YouTube channel, she now has her own range of makeup. 
Today I am going to talk about one of my personally tried and favorite brand's Mineral Eye Shadows. I have been using Mineral Hygienics' products for a long time now and having a really sensitive skin, this brand is my first choice during my bad-skin-breakout-days. 
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