Hanging Jewelry Organizer - Review

Since I moved to Malaysia, I have had trouble organizing my jewelry collection. I moved like three houses here and either I had to keep my jewelry in boxes due to lack of space or in piles when I got big drawers. This Hanging Jewelry Organizer however, saved me huge time, money and space, let me tell you how. Also, I will be telling you how I organized my jewelry when I was unable to get organizers of any sort.

Product Description:
This jewelry organizer is made up of a plastic-fabric and had lots of pockets and fabric-hooks / loops [if that makes sense]. It comes in black and pink colors; I got both but gave the pink one to my little sisters and kept black for me. The pockets are made up of a thick transparent plastic sheets. This organizer has a two ply sheet attached from three sides but is open from the top, leaving a space to use just any hanger from your wardrobe. I used a strong one so it would hold the weight properly. It is about 40 inches long and 20 inches wide. On one side, it has 30 pockets which vary in sizes. One the other side it has seven hooks which open up and seven loops which are sewed into place.

Overall Experience:
I saw so much hype about this organizer on the web that I ended up buying it. I am more like a jewelry-hoarder and love to collect anything I feel look different / special. I don't really wear jewelry in my routine but like a collector, I occasionally take out all of it, hold it all in my hands and re-organize it. That's me! 

I placed most of my bangles, rings, earrings, studs, lockets etc in pockets, put all my necklaces in the loops and put some wrist bands, goggles in the loops as you can see in the photos. I still feel like I need one more so I can find rest of my goggles in the other one and unclutter some of the pockets. 

The pockets are of really good and sturdy materials and the pins of earrings do not effect them. Even though I have put quite a stuff in them, they did not change shape. This front part is pretty great and I am so glad that I can see all my jewelry at once. It has truly made me use more items now and not just pick the ones on top of a pile of jewelry. 

For the back, you can see in photos how I have used the loops and hooks. They are pretty practical but I wish there were only hooks and no loops.

The only thing that irritated me was that due to all that weight, the bottom corners kind of folded as you can see in the photo. It did not effect the function in any way but that is just how I am programmed. =P

Overall, I am absolutely amazed by this hanging organizer. It has saved me lots of space and it fits in my wardrobe really nicely just like any other top hanging in there. I am using it for about 5-6 months now and it is still in perfect condition. This is a great organizer when you know you might be moving houses. I had my eyes on Alex by Ikea but I wanted to have those sets of drawers when I know I am going to stay in a house for a long time and also, I have enough space for all of my collections. I really want my little beauty / fashion collection room. Sigh! 

How I organized my jewelry in past: 
In first house I moved here in Malaysia, there was literally no storage space. I kept my makeup and jewelry in boxes, all piled up on one another. It was so messed up literally and stayed like this for ten months. Back in Pakistan, I had my room / washroom designed according to my needs and every time I thought about it, I wanted to go cry in a pillow. 

The next house, I had this slim but really long table which I used as a dresser. It had huge drawers and that is when I got a chance to experiment. I bought flatware trays [plastic drawer organizers] from Daiso for RM 5 each [you can get these from any department store, Ikea has these for about 0.99$ per piece] and that was the first time I was able to look at my makeup and jewelry. After putting one in each drawer, I still has a huge space left on sides. I used disposable plastic containers and placed my jewelry in there. I bought a set of 100 boxes for about RM 10 or so and got the ones which were not too high. I placed a few piece in each box and layered them on top of each other instead of dumping all the jewelry in one. It was hassle picking up the jewelry but still saved me time and kept things organized as much as possible. 

In my third house, where I am currently living, I again got into a bit of a disaster because this place had such less storage areas around the house and the half of the drawers in my dressing table has huge but really deep drawers, I mean you can put pro sized hair spray cans in there. Putting my jewelry in there wasn't very practical but guess what? I found the hanging jewelry organizer after that anyways. :D Oh and I have also used those plastic insides that you get in biscuit packs to put inside my drawers on empty spaces. They work pretty good for makeup items too.

Sorry about the story but I kinda feel relieved. If I had a huge room with huge walls, I would buy so many of these hanging organizers and fix each one of these for separate makeup items; one would be blusher hanger, one would be eye shadow hanger, so on and so forth. =D

Cost & Availability:
I bought these organizers online from AliExpress. I don't have slightest idea from which store I bought these but I got two for about 5-6$ each. Shipping was free, the package took about six weeks to arrive and instead of paying the seller via card, I paid via PayPal to be on the safe side. In Malaysia, you can get these from Mesmerize [they can arrange it on demand].

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I was meaning to share it for a long time but wasn't getting a chance. Let me know if any of you already have it, do share your experience. 

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful


  1. Sehrish, does Aliexpree accepts Paypal? i don't think so, never found the pay with Paypal link over there, can you guide me please because real safe to use Paypal instead of Visa

    1. Hey Sumera, they do not accept PayPal but almost every seller accepts PayPal. AliExpress do not take any responsibility if you pay via a method which is not through them but I feel safe paying via PayPal to a seller who I am buying first time from. I just email the seller and ask if they can take payment via PayPal. Other than this, if you want to use your Visa card, there should be no problem as your details will be in Aliexpress' system and are not visible to the seller. Also, Aliexpress holds the payment until you confirm the delivery in perfect condition. Just check the rating of the store so you know what you are buying is what you will get.

      I hope this will be helpful.

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