Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner - Review & Swatch

I am a huge fan of gel liners; from application to finish to staying power [for certain brands], everything makes me go for gel liners more than pencil, liquid or pen liners. Let's see if Sleek's Ink Pot Gel Liner impressed me at all.

Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner - Review & Swatch
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner - Review & Swatch
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner - Review & Swatch
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner - Review & Swatch
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner - Review & Swatch
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner

Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner:
Line and define with Ink Pot Eyeliner’s intense black gel formula. This innovative eyeliner glides on smoothly without flaking, smudging or budging, making it crease proof for a guaranteed look that lasts all day.
  • Smudge-resistant
  • Intense black, highly pigmented formula
  • Weightless gel texture dries smoothly and quickly
  • Replace cap securely after use
Weight 6.3g/0.22oz

Product Description & Packaging:
This gel liner comes in a glass pot with a plastic lid and a pointy eyeliner brush. The product is creamy and the pot contains 6.3 grams of product.

Overall Experience:
This gel liner has a great consistency and it had stayed with me for over 10 months without changing the consistency, let alone drying. The formula is creamy making the liner glide over the skin really smoothly. The brush that comes with the pot has a good point but it is way too small for me so I have been using this liner with Kryolan's 0 [zero] number brush; this brush is a must have for eyeliner application and it is just so budget friendly.

The gel liner dries in a few seconds and becomes smudge free. If applied directly to the lids without any eye shadow or eye primer, it starts to shift in about 1-2 hours but that is normal for me with almost every other gel liner since I have oily lids. If applied over an eye primer, the liner will not budge throughout the day. If applied over an eyeshadow to give the liner a powder base, it stays without budging or smudging for good 4-6 hours.

Once the gel liner is dried, it gets to a matte finish and becomes water resistant. Again, it does not smudge but rubbing the eye would make any eyeliner messed up.

My Essence Gel Liner is the best gel liner that I ever bought but just like that one, Sleek one also irritates my eyes if I apply it on my waterline.

Overall, I am happy with this gel liner and if you are a Sleek fan, you should get one for yourself.

Cost & Availability:
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot Eyeliner costs $6.99 and you can buy it directly from Sleek's website, they ship worldwide. There are many Facebook and Web Stores that carry Sleek Makeup and ordering from them might save you some shipping cost plus you won't have to worry about broken items and lost packages.

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Do you have a favorite gel liner? Share your experience.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. I was on the fence about buying this one since the last 2 essence gel liners I bought were very dried out! I dont know if they have different makes or not but it was so disappointing compared to the first one I ever bought.

    1. This one is equally good as Essence one that I reviewed earlier. In fact, I find myself going for Essence gel liner more often. It also didn't dry out since I got it; the only thing I do is to flip the pot upside down when I use the liner and scoop out some product into the lid. :) All my gel liners have shown improvement. :p

  2. Thanx for review I m planning to get essence one.
    Sahar- The cozy fashionista

  3. I'd love to try this out! I used to be a fan of Catrice but my last newly bought pot in brown was a bit dry. They have even discontinued them for a newer version which isn't available here yet! I might try out Essence before ordering this though! :) x

  4. love the intensity
    thanks for sharing :)


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