Is Bean Wax Really Painless? Review and Before n After Photos!

Bean wax has been given so much hype and it was one thing on my list that I had to try myself. I have been getting this wax done from the salon but since I have also been using sugar wax with the strip for years, I thought trying bean wax will be easy for me. Ever since people knew I bought this, the most asked question was; is bean wax really painless? Today I will be talking about my at-home experience with bean wax, before n after photos and places where you can buy the product from. Enjoy reading!

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Is Bean Wax Really Painless? Review and Before n After Photos!
Is Bean Wax Really Painless? Review and Before n After Photos!

First of all, this same type of bean wax is available with various brand names. When you search online for bean wax, you will see this packaging in first few results and I got this because it was reasonably priced and was easily available. I will be including links to places/shops you can buy bean wax from at the end of this post.

Hard Bean Wax Review:
Even though this type of wax comes with many brand names but from what I got my hands on (I tried two different names but same packaging), they are exactly same. 

Each packet contained 300 grams which was enough for both full arms, both half legs (knee to ankles), both hands and both feet, both underarms, upper lips and I was still left with some.

The wax starts to melt really quickly in my wax warmer and it completely melted within 10-15 minutes on full heat. This wax melts into a creamy consistency. Wax stays on a moderate temperate if I keep my warmer in between its medium to high, temperature setting for the whole waxing process. The wax smells like plastic and I noticed a mild plastic burning smell when I heated it first but I did not notice anything after the first use.

It dries super fast, does not tear and leaves no residue (if used properly). It took me some practice to get to a moderately-perfect application, so don't give up if you cannot do it the first time.

I get really red skin with bumps all over my arms and legs with sugar wax (with the strip) but with bean wax, the amount of redness was one-tenth and I did not get any bumps at all. My skin was not itchy for most parts and redness went away in a few hours.

Please read my experience below for any questions that you still might have in your mind.

Is Bean Wax Really Painless? Review and Before n After Photos!
Is Bean Wax Really Painless? Review and Before n After Photos!

My Experience:
I will break this section into two parts; my first experience as a newbie to this type of wax and then my experience after a few trials. Hopefully, you will get a better idea of what to expect on your first time.

Round 1 - I was super excited when I got this wax, I already had a wax warmer and spatulas so I just dived in. I was growing my hair to try this wax so do not gross out because I made sure to include a before & after photo later in this post. =D

The wax melted completely in a few minutes and application was not too difficult but it was uneven and I could not get that perfect lip at the end which becomes the actual tab to rip off the strip. The process was fairly okay on my left arm but I ended up breaking some hair on my right arm. I was not able to apply the wax properly on the back of my upper right arm which made me really frustrated and it also resulted in some leftover residue due to uneven application. 

The first experience on my legs was really easy though. I wasn't able to have an even application on my first try but later on, I got a hang of it and I liked the results but I was again left with some residue. I used oil to remove the residue but it didn't work and I had to spend next 40 minutes picking up each tiny plastic piece, by hand. 

I literally was on the edge of crying and I told myself, never again! I also made a mistake of using my trusty metal spatula and once the wax dried I had no other option but to throw the spatula in the bin. I am still sad about it. =( Anyways, two days later, I took my wooden spatula and used the wax on my upper lips and underarms and oh my my my =D. I immediately fell in love. The application on upper lips was so smooth and perfect that I was feeling proud of myself. The application on underarms was slightly difficult but I worked on each side in two sections and the result was flawless. I told myself that I will only be using the wax for these two processes. 

Here I also want to tell you that I used my Bioderma Sensibio H2O  on a cotton swab to clean the areas before waxing and used the same product on a fresh swab to clean up later. I was left with a tiny piece of residue on my upper lips and a tiny bit on my underarms and the residue was wiped off in one swipe. I instantly got the idea of doing this the next time I will do my arms and legs. It kind of made me feel like a genius! =D

Round 2 - I had to wait many days to give this wax another shot on my arms and legs and to see what I can do about the residue and application and if Bioderma Sensibio H2O will really work this time or I just had some false hope. 

This time I used the wooden spatula and started on my arms. The wooden spatula made a huge difference in application plus I had a bit of practice already so it felt easy this time. It still took me quite some time to finish the arms and I was left with bits of residue but it wasn't as crazy as before. I used the Bioderma Sensibio H2O and I kid you not, it worked like magic. 

I will still say that using bean wax on arms is not my favorite method because I just cannot reach places easily. On the other hand, I timed myself on one leg and it took me less than ten minutes to wax knee to ankles on one leg. The residue was minimum because now I was able to form decent tabs and the thickness of the strips was pretty decent as well. And again, the residue was wiped easily with Bioderma Sensibio H2O. Now I have another use for this amazing product!
The final verdict of these trials - After all of those experiences, practices, and trials, I am happy that I gave this bean wax a try. I have now said goodbye to my salon for my upper lips and underarms because I will be doing it at home. I will still prefer to use my Epilation Set by Philips or regular strip wax for my arms because it is easy and quick for me but I will keep on using bean wax for my legs, upper lips & underarms.

Now lets come to the most asked question; is it painless? In general; heck yes!!! (Don't stop here, read next part)

My threshold of pain is different on each part of my body and I am sure most of you are the same. I would like to mention that this bean wax does not stick to the skin unlike sugar wax (with the strip) which is the biggest cause of unnecessary pain during the hair removal process. If you have a few hair on a part of your skin and you apply a strip of bean wax, you will see that it only pulls the hair and it comes off of the skin like a piece of cloth was placed on the skin. Sorcery, isn't it?

I cannot just claim that bean wax is painless so I am writing down the pain level I experienced for each part of the body that I tried the wax on:

- I cannot stand threading on my upper lips anymore but I do use bean wax happily. It hurts hundred times less on upper lips and the slightest tingle I feel is from pulling the hair out.
- For my underarms, sugar wax (with the strip) pulls the skin and one sudden pinch is all that I feel but with bean wax, I did not feel anything at all. So for this part, yes it was painless!
- For my arms, I feel the sugar wax (with the strip) is less painful than epilator but with bean wax, I only felt a slight pinch on some places on my arms which is nothing compared to other two methods I mentioned. 
- And for my legs, I feel mild pain on my legs and knees but with bean wax, I literally did not feel any pain on my legs except for my knees but it was a lot less than any other method I have ever used.

Overall, I am loving this method of hair removal. I love how mess-free, quick and almost painless this wax is. I would highly recommend that if you want to give at-home waxing a shot, try this method. Bean wax is great if you do the full body at home or even if you do just some specific parts on regular basis. This method is a lot less painless than any other method I have used and definitely a huge money saver.

So, here was the summary of my first experience and then many experiences later on. I tried to cover as much as possible but if you have any questions, leave them in comments. I will be publishing a few more posts on bean wax, covering various concerns and queries that I get from my family, friends, and readers. I really wanted to share this and will share more because before trying hard bean wax myself, I literally wasn't able to find as much information as I wanted to have. Seeing people pulling a strip or two in their first experience review does not give you all ins & outs and troubles that you will face while relying on this method of hair removal.

I hope this will be helpful. Please leave your feedback as that helps more than you know. =) 

Is Bean Wax Really Painless? Review and Before n After Photos!

Cost & Availability:
Hard Bean Wax is vastly and easily available online and you can find it at following links. I will try my best to mention countries for all the links as well. If you know about a place that I did not mention, please feel free to leave a comment. I am also including links to buy Bioderma Sensibio H2O, in case you want to check it out. All links are clickable and will open in a new window.

Links for Hard Bean Wax;
Worldwide shipping: Amazon, eBay, AliExpress
Pakistan: Daraz PK
Malaysia: Lazada MY
USA: WalmartAmazon USeBay US
UK: Amazon UK, eBay UK
Canada: Amazon CA, eBay CA
Australia: eBay AU
India: Amazon IN, eBay IN

Links for Bioderma Sensibio H2O; Dermstore, FeelUnique, Amazon, Boots, Beauty Boutique CA, BirchBox, Escentual UK, eBay, Chemist Warehouse AU, BellaBox AU, Daraz PK

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  1. Sugar wax always breaks me out because my skin is so sensitive and I actually ended up switching to threading because of that! However, I had no idea that bean wax even existed until today! I haven't ever done any at home waxing, but you've inspired me to try it.

    1. Sugar wax can irritate sensitive skin at times but I guess bean wax will be safer since it does not stick to the skin at all. I have been sugar waxing at home for good 14+ years so I noticed a major difference in pain with bean wax. (I feel old >.<)

  2. To ge honest, I hardly believe any wax can be painless. in the end it is the removal of the hair that hurts. But if a wax makes the pain lower then that's amazing! i have never tried such a wax yet but would love too xx corinne

  3. This is really interesting, I find it hard to get that it can be less painful after all your still pulling hair haha! I may just have to give it a try though.

  4. This seems pretty cool! I’ve never considered at home waxing, but I also don’t know if I have the patience (or time!)

    1. I would definitely this product i use normal wax but this bean wax is a new things which i need to try

  5. Ooooh that looks painful. I'm always looking for alternatives to shaving though!

    Sondra xx

  6. Thanks for the honest review. I never heard of bean waxing and it seems cool.

  7. That's awesome that the bean wax really has the least amount of pain. I waxed once years ago with bad results. I've been scared to try a do-over.

  8. This Hard Bean Wax looks so scary to use. Thanks for your insights and tips!

  9. I've got to say, I've never heard of "bean wax" before, but these little wax beans remind me of a candle making kit I had when I was a child haha! I tend to just go for strip waxes, as I find this the least painful around my bikini area x

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