Whitening Facial Scrub by Eveline Cosmetics - Review

Where choosing a scrub can be really easy, it can also be really important to choose the best for your skin's needs. Let's see if Whitening Facial Scrub by Eveline Cosmetics has what it takes to be the best!

Whitening Facial Scrub by Eveline Cosmetics:
re-lights, purifies and exfoliates
prevents further changes of skin tone
for oily and combination skin
WHITE PRESTIGE 4D cosmetics series is the innovative treatment, acting in four dimensions: lightens complexion, evens out its tone and counteracts excessive pigmentation for up to 48h after application.
Whitening Facial Scrub with delicate peeling particles smoothes out skin and stimulates microcirculation to give complexion healthy tone. The scrub exfoliates epidermis and deeply purifies it, making skin velvety smooth. Peeling particles acting in combination with Lumiskin™ 4D White Complex promote skin whitening by preventing hyperpigmentation. The scrub stimulates natural mechanisms in skin to give complexion an intense fresh and healthy-looking glow.

Whitening Facial Scrub by Eveline Cosmetics - Review
Whitening Facial Scrub by Eveline Cosmetics
Whitening Facial Scrub by Eveline Cosmetics - Review
Whitening Facial Scrub by Eveline Cosmetics
Whitening Facial Scrub by Eveline Cosmetics - Review
Whitening Facial Scrub by Eveline Cosmetics

Product Description & Packaging:
Whitening Facial Scrub by Eveline Cosmetics comes in a squeezy-tube and contains 150 ml of product which is huge for the price. The product has a creamy texture and has really fine granules in it. It has a really nice but milk scent which feels quite refreshing.

Overall Experience:
I have been using quite a few products from Eveline Cosmetics' range for past few months and so far, I am really satisfied and if I run out of these products, I am sure I will buy these back. One of them is this Whitening Facial Scrub which I have been using since about January, 2014.

This scrub has really tiny granules and has quite a creamy texture to it. I usually use it in shower on my face and neck, message it for about a minute or two and then rinse off about every third day. Other than that, I do a semi-facial at home every week or two and this scrub is always what I reach for now.

While being so gentle to the skin because of tiny granules, I have to be careful not to scrub too much and continuously add a bit of water during massage so the granules won't scratch off my skin, specially my upper lips and cheek area. So I focus to give less time to these areas and more to the other parts.

As far as the whitening part goes, I did not notice any change in my skin tone, which is my personal preference. But overall, since I am using this range, I have noticed a massive improvement in my skin's texture and noticeable reduction in dark spots and also uneven skin tone. Moreover, this range has helped me with the pigmentation that I started to have on my forehead for past one year. I am using this range because I am obviously using more than one product so I cannot give the whole credit to just one. But I must say, that my current skin care routine has satisfied me really good and has done wonders for me. If you want a separate post on my skin care routine, do let me know in comments and I shall try to do a quick post for you guys.

I also noticed that every time I use this scrub, there is less oil secretion on my face for next 24-36 hours which is pretty good for me since I have really oily T-zone.

Overall, I am absolutely amazed by this scrub and if you are looking for something budget friendly, must give it a shot as this scrub might just be the one you are looking for.

Cost & Availability:
Each tube of Whitening Facial Scrub containing 150 ml of product costs pkr 495. I got the retail price list for Eveline Cosmetics range from their official distributors in Pakistan so I am sure everything is genuine.

In Pakistan, you can buy Eveline Cosmetics online from just4girls.pk and from these stores: Karachi -  Naheed Super Market Bahadurabad & Shaz Store Behind National Stadium Emis Khada Market. Lahore - Enem & Raja Sahib.

You can also check Eveline's USA website for complete range; I hope they will ship to your destination.

Have you ever tried this cosmetic brand? Feel free to share your experience with me.
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Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful

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  1. do post your dailt regime! helps alot :)

  2. Nice review dear and yes, plz share your skincare routine in next post....xoxoxo....^_^

  3. Eveline products are good...yes...I used their hand scrub it was lovely..


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