Flawless Creamy Concealer by Althea Korea - Review & Swatches [All Shades]
I am not a super-user of concealers because 1- it is an extra step and I am always in rush & 2- I hate when concealer creases under the eyes in hot weather [when I am in a rush 🤣] but I do have some favorites that never let me down and to that list, I now have these Flawless Creamy Concealers by AltheaKorea. 😍 Want to know why? Keep reading.
Althea Korea Exclusive Products With Minimalist Design - Are they worth the hype? [Quick Reviews]
I AM AN ALTHEA ANGEL 😍 😍 😍 Which in simple words mean that I am their Beauty Ambassador and I am super grateful and excited for this opportunity. 😘 ❤️ This photo is from when they sent me my welcome package, filled with their exclusive skincare and makeup range. 
PR Haul Pakistan - Cheetay.pk, Whimsy Beauty, Mana Beauty and Bioderma
I don't usually do such posts but I thought to give you all a heads up as to what to expect on my IG and blog in coming weeks. 😄 These are some goodies that I got as PR when I was visiting Pakistan. 💝 ⠀
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