Floral Fantasy - Outfit of the Day + Makeup Look!

I am super excited about this post since this is my very first outfit post. Where I am excited, I am nervous at my peak as well. I would have never get enough courage to publish an outfit post if it wasn't for this dress by Malbosat.biz - an online shopping store in Pakistan.

Store Introduction:
They say, 'Malbosat.biz is an online shopping store selling latest Pakistani designer lawn dresses, Kurti and Tunics, Men’s Shalwar Kameez, and various essential clothing items from to Pakistani and Indian Diasporas around the world. We strive to give you pleasant online shopping experience and provide you latest fashion dresses from Pakistan at affordable price all under one-roof. We accept all renowned international credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.

7 Reasons to shop with us!
Personalized shopping experience
Approachable, friendly and efficient customer service
Affordable prices
Customization at no additional cost
Cost effective, efficient and timely delivery
Clear Terms and Condition and Return Policy

Floral Fantasy - Outfit of the day
Floral Fantasy - Outfit of the day
Floral Fantasy - Outfit of the day

Overall Experience:
Before I go to the details about the dress itself, I would tell you my experience with this online clothing store.

Malbosat.biz is based in Pakistan. They basically provide stitching services for loose fabric from multiple brands available in Pakistan. They ship to many countries now which is pretty great since we cannot find traditional clothing in many countries let alone finding a tailor.

They provided me with a coupon code to experience their services just like a normal customer. Since this was my first time, I dropped them an email with a few queries regarding size. They provide a form on their website where you can put your exact size to have a more customized dress made according to your body shape but understanding a few terms was a bit tricky for me. Their customer service is really quick and I got reply to my queries in merely two hours. You can also customize the whole dress designing like sleeves etc.

I placed my order and within 26 days, my dress was here with me in Malaysia and it was a delayed period according to them, because of all the law & order situation they had in Karachi in past few weeks. It was sent via GedEx and was nicely packed in plastic bags.

I was a bit nervous about the fitting of my shirt but I was more nervous about the fitting of the trouser I chose. I should have gone for a shalwar but I really wanted to experience it. The dress arrived and I tried it on. To my surprise, shirt fitted me nicely but oh my the trouser, it fitted me perfectly fine. It wasn't loose or tight at all, just perfect.

The fabric is by AlKaram, a well known brand in Pakistan. It is a three piece dress with thread embroidery starting from neck coming down towards the belly area. The fabric is really soft and light weight but you cannot see through it which is good since lawn dresses can be a bit of headache to make bottoms. I liked how they added red piping (is that a word?) to the dress.

I paired my dress with a pair of light weight earrings and some bling bracelet and rings, which you cannot see in full picture since my dopatta is covering them. I also wore one of my favorite heals which are quite comfortable and go really well with most of my semi-formal outfits. Yeah, I am calling this outfit semi-formal since embroidery on anything is not casual for me. =D

Overall, I loved the dress, stitching and really good customer service. Malbosat.biz also offer free shipping on all orders above $50. I am not sure if they use the same courier service for free shipping or not. Only thing that I would like to suggest is that they add some kind of diagram on the page where we add our sizes. Something that signifies the terms they have used in their size form. It would be easier for quite a few people I believe.

Cost & Availability:
AlKaram Floral Fantasy Charcol Grey Dress costs $87.95 including stitching and you can find more details about this dress here

Makeup Look:

I created soft grey smokey eyes with a hint of pink color and tried to keep rest of my face as natural as possible. Atleast it looked natural even though I know I used tons of products. If you see me in real, you would give me a licence to use all those products on daily basis too. =D Oh yeah, aging punches you in the face harder than you think it would. Anyways, let's see what products I used. Some of them have been reviewed already on my blog (click product names for reviews) and some will be reviewed in future so I will update the links accordingly.

How did you like my first ever outfit post? Would you like more? Please leave your feedback in comments.

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  1. Love this outfit <3 <3 You eye makeup is beautiful!!!

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  19. Nice dress, colours are really nice


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