Can a cream blusher work well on oily skin as well? Lets find out how promising this product is.
Today we have a gorgeous Ozotic beauty to review. In this post, you will find swatches both in sunlight and artificial light. 
If you have been reading my blog for some time, you might have read my posts on Favorites of 2012 where I mentioned this lip balm as well. For the first time in my life, I ran out of a lip balm. Usually I get bored with the formulation or just loose it somewhere. Let's see what made me use it till the end.
The happiest moment when you buy a product thinking it will do something good and it actually does a great job. Makeup Academy's Pro Base Fixing Mist made me happy, will it make you happy too?
How would an owner of dry lips feel after getting her hands on a lipstick that works as a lip balm but gives a finish of a lip gloss? Making sense? Well let me explain it for you in this post.

Another nail polish by piCture pOlish that made me fall in love with it.

With hot weather, all of us with oily skin have to take care of our skin to fight with impurities that love oil and have a hobby to accumulate on our skin and gets into our pores to party. Let's see if this face wash is a good weapon to help us with this never-ending war.
Designer Nail Colors by Luscious Cosmetics have surprised everyone. Collaboration shades with 14 well known designers was no doubt a great step from Luscious. But is this collaboration going to win everyone's heart this summer? Let's find out.
When I first came to know about Luscious Cosmetics launching eye shadow palettes, I was way too excited. And when they came out, I became more excited to try them. The first and most that I wanted to try was this Divine Naturals mostly because neutrals shades are the ones that anyone of any age at any occasion can wear. Let's see if Luscious's new palette is upto the hype or not.

Today we have a guest post by Aruba who wanted to share her experience about one of the products by Luscious Cosmetics. Let's see how she found this product.
If you have been reading my blog for some time, you would know that Picture Polish & I launched a shade named Majesty in January, 2013 which eventually became a permanent collection item. If you want to win Majesty, click anywhere on this text and participate. Ending on 15th of April.
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