About Me

Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking some time to get to know more about me.

I am Sahrish Javaid formerly known as Sahrish Adeel. I have been blogging about beauty and lifestyle since 2011. I am also a Cosmetologist & Laser Therapist. I live in Lahore, Pakistan now.

I started blogging because we were in the process to move to Malaysia and all my studio equipment to make YouTube videos was packed. The only things I had on hand were a camera & laptop. My aim was not to pursue blogging ever, it was for 2-3 months only. But once I tasted the charm, beauty, and boldness of blogging, I was literally converted. (happened back in 2011, I am re-reading it in 2017 and now re-writing + editing it in 2020. Time flies!)

I absolutely love taking photos of beauty products testing and swatching them. 

Thanks for your time and support!
*Stay Beautiful

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