Stageline Cosmetics Light Roll-On - Review & Swatch

Multi-purpose products are always my favorite specially when it comes to pack my makeup bag for travelling. Today I have Stageline's multi-purpose loose pigment on my blog. Let's see how good it is.

Stageline Light Roll-On:
They say: 'Irisdescent and duocrome loose powder to apply as eye shadows and light points on lips, cheek-bone and body. Packaging in roll-on to apply directly and achieve more intensity of colour or with brush if less intensity is desired.'

Product Description & Packaging:
Stageline Roll-On comes in a silver card box. The product itself comes in a slim plastic roll on tube with transparent bottom and silver twist on cap. The range has eighteen shades and each tube contains 4 ml of product. This specific shade is 12 and has a copper-ish golden tone.

Stage Line Light Roll-On - Review & Swatch
Stage Line Light Roll-On
Stage Line Light Roll-On - Review & Swatch
Stage Line Light Roll-On
Stage Line Light Roll-On - Review & Swatch
Stage Line Light Roll-On

Swatches are taken on bare skin without any primer underneath. Left swatch shows how the product looks coming straight out of the tube by rolling onto the skin and right swatch shows how it looks when blended or used mildly.

Stage Line Light Roll-On - Review & Swatch
Stage Line Light Roll-On - Swatch

Overall Experience:
This multi-purpose roll on highlighter turned me off big time when I first used it on my cheek bones. I literally looked like a disco ball, no kidding. Then I actually bothered to read the instruction on it, used it accordingly and voila, I fell in love.

This product is meant for face and body and by face I mean that you can use it as an eyeshadow, on lips and to highlight all the high points of the face and eyes. For body, you can use it to highlight your collar bone and rest of the body according to your need. Personally I lightly dust a highlighter on center of my neck and collar bone ONLY when I am going to a party where everyone is going to be dressed up accordingly.

If you roll the product directly onto the skin; it will be super pigmented but since it is a powder / pigment, it will give you a messy fall out and you will surely look like a hot mess until or unless you really want to look like one. If you want a subtle highlighting, just roll it over a brush or back of your hand, dust the excess and apply it lightly onto the skin. Also, you can use a wet brush to apply the product which will last throughout the night specially if you are going to sweat a bit.

The best and really smooth results that I got were when I took the product out on back of my hand and then applied it with a brush. It gives a gorgeous finish and goes really natural. I use less product but it is totally build-able if you want a finish for may be a wedding or a photo shoot.

Staying power is also pretty good, until I removed it, it stayed, which was more than six hours. You cannot remove it with plain water or a cleansing milk but it can easily be removed with a makeup remover lotion (if mild application) and with a cleansing oil (if heavy application).

Overall I am very pleased with this product, the pigmentation, shade range and longevity. However, price for 4ml of product might be heavy on pockets for some people and for that, you can give Luscious Cosmetics' Highlighters a try. They have a bit of less staying power but quality and quantity is pretty good for the price and availability in Pakistan. (People living abroad; Luscious Cosmetics now ship internationally).

Cost & Availability:
Each 4ml Light Roll-On costs pkr 695. Stageline Cosmetics is available all across Pakistan where you can find Stageline counters. For more details, do check out their official Facebook page.

What do you find in a good highlighter? Have any favorites?
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  1. pigment lover nice color

  2. I have a similar product from Rimmel in pink glittery shade.Love it.This is a lovely one too.

  3. Great! i was looking for a body highlighter!


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