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I got a request on Facebook about how to do Facial at Home, so I thought to do a blog post on this =)
Lets start:

Items you need:

Cleansing Milk
Facial Scrub
Face Mask
Steamer (Optional)


Hey Everyone! I applied for the Sigma Affiliate Program some time ago & now I am working as one =) Its not just that you affiliate with them and promote their company, but you get to make money while sitting at your own home.
If you want to become one then keep on reading =)

This is how it works & what you get: 
You can make a 10% commission if someone makes a purchase by clicking on your link, and your also get a 1% commission if someone makes a purchase using your sub-affiliate's link. 

The Skin Naturals Factor!

This summer Garnier makes sure you Take Care of your skin with their exciting Skin Naturals Light SPF 15 which is a cream built on the science and power of nature, enriched with skin effective ingredients like Lemon which helps to gently exfoliate and remove dead cells and also SPF 15 which protects skin from darkening in the sun. With this cream experience

Sigma, like always, introduced a really useful and cool product. Its called Dry'n Shape. 
It is a quick and effective way to dry and shape your makeup brushes. No more hassle and no more waiting! The special fabric applies pressure to the bristles and allows for water evaporation. Not only will your brushes be completely dry
Update: Blogspot is updating & is not showing my post for some unknown reasons. Along with that, Facebook has changed their Promotional Guidelines, so I will have to repost the Giveaway by making an app & you will have to enter again with changed rules.

Hello Ladies! =)
Its time for a Giveaway =) It is open internationally!
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