Ever since I moved to Malaysia, I got into the organization a lot more than before and when you are renting a place, buying expensive and bulky stuff is not always an option. Today I am sharing some items on my wishlist that I am sure can make my home organization a breeze and hopefully will inspire you too. 
Do you have that one nail polish in your collection that you reach for every time you are not sure what to wear on your nails? Well, for me it is Grace by Picture Polish. Let's see if this gorgeous shade is worth spending your money on!
I have seen many variations of Cabbage Soup Diet Plan over the web but with my lifestyle and needs, I made a few changes. I have a family to take care of and things can get jam-packed at times, giving me minimum time to spend on extra things which is why this plan works great for me.
I tried a few recipes for Cabbage Soup for the Cabbage Soup Diet from the web but none of them was exactly what I would actually look forward to eating multiple times a day until I made a few changes to the original recipe and the result was so delicious that even my family wanted to taste the soup.
I finally got the time to post my first ColourPop haul with product details over here. This post will have shades, prices and a guide for places that you can buy the ColourPop from. Enjoy reading!
Bean wax has been given so much hype and it was one thing on my list that I had to try myself. I have been getting this wax done from the salon but since I have also been using sugar wax with the strip for years, I thought trying bean wax will be easy for me. Ever since people knew I bought this, the most asked question was; is bean wax really painless? Today I will be talking about my at-home experience with bean wax, before n after photos and places where you can buy the product from. Enjoy reading!
A paint stick can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Today I am sharing my experience on Paint Sticks by Stageline Cosmetics with lots of tips and trick to use a paint stick later in the post. Keep reading to know if these are worth a trial or your money. 
It isn't every day that we find a lipstick and we fall in love for the whole package it has to offer. Let's see if these Lipsticks by Misslyn has won my heart or not! 
Sigma Beauty is offering limited edition Holiday Collection for 2017 at prices that you cannot say no to! Let me walk you through each set in the holiday collection in this post and you will also find a discount code, provided by Sigma Beauty, exclusively for my readers.
Makeup brushes are very essential to achieve decent makeup looks but the quality can put a great impact on the overall result. Investing in good makeup brushes is always a great step towards improving the skill and making better use of the makeup product. Today I will share my experience about this Pro Go Mini Brush Set by Makeup Revolution and help you decide if you need this in your collection or not.
If I color code all my nail polishes right now, I am sure I own more blue shades than any other shade in my collection. Today I am sharing my experience with you all on Swagger by Picture Polish, launched in their Urban Collection a long time ago. Since I came back to blogging after a long time, I could not ignore the beauties I already had pending reviews on. Let's read the review and see the swatch.
I have been using Queen Helene's products for years but never got a chance to share my reviews on them. Here I am, sharing years of experience with this amazing Cocoa Butter Scrub. I own the old packaging because once I tried the first item, I stocked up and I am down to my last tube now but you will see the new packaging in full post.
Some products are so highly raved and reviewed on the web that I almost stop from sharing my experience but then, I cannot stop myself from writing about things I try. Today you will read my take on LORAC Pro Palette along with some yummy swatches.
Stageline Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands for their affordable rates, great quality and easy availability in many countries including Pakistan. Today I have a bunch of their lipsticks for you with swatches that you can enjoy.
Today I will share my long and thorough experience with you about Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow By Maybelline. There is something about the packaging and colors that make you want to buy them in all shades available.
Looking for face & body cream that won't be heavy on your pocket? Extra Soft Face and Body Whitening Cream by Eveline Cosmetics might be a solution for your need.
Eyebrows for me are a big deal. I might not have any makeup on my face but my brows should always look fine ( except for those in between grooming times (= ).  Today I have Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara by Essence on my blog that might be just the right brow product that you are looking for.
I had been away for really long and if you have been following me on Facebook, you must already know the reason. I have finally managed to re-start the blogging and hopefully, I will be consistent now. Today, I have  Eclissare Color Eclipse Lipsticks by Borghese on my blog. I can say that I have used these lipsticks for a long time to be able to give an in depth review.
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