Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadows in '818, 893, 863 & 827' - Review & Swatches
Anyone who is into makeup always have more eye shadows than any other makeup product, right? We all want best pigmentation, staying power and a vast variety of colors and textures. I got to try Pure Mineral Eye Shadows by Artdeco and let's see how I found them.
Color Studio Pro Blush in 'Havana' - Review & Swatches
A blush is an essential product in makeup routine. It adds the color back into the skin after you have applied foundation. Even without a foundation underneath, a blush can make you look fresh & healthy. Is Color Studio Pro's blush in Havana any good in that regard?
Worldwide Giveaway - Win a pair of Circle Lenses by Uniqso.
As promised I am here with a Worldwide open giveaway sponsored by The rules are simple, you can do a few easy entries and one lucky winner will be selected after the giveaway ends. Keep reading to get to know more.
Pro Luminous Foundation in 'Natural Skin' by Color Studio Professional - Review & Swatch

Finding your perfect shade in foundation can be tricky but finding a-perfect-foundation is hard and sometimes close to impossible. But since 'impossible' says i-m-possible, I will show you something you will love for sure.
Stila's Wonderful in Waikiki - Review & Swatches
I bought this palette last year but never get a chance to use it. I was really excited to own a limited edition palette by Stila Cosmetics, but was it worth it? Find out each and every bit of detail in the post and decide for yourself if collecting limited edition products is a good idea or not.
Color Studio Pro's Lip Artist Lip Pencil in 'Rouge' - Review & Swatch
As I always say that lip liners should be a part of makeup routine especially when you want your lipstick to look precise and last longer. This Lip Artist Lip Pencil by Color Studio Pro I am reviewing today can do so much to your lips (and eyes without much effort.
Color Studio Pro Color Rush Lipstick in 'Vixen' - Review & Swatches
I have been using Color Studio Pro's products for quite some time now and I must say that they have impressed me so far. Today I am going to talk about one of so many gorgeous shades of Color Rush Lipstick Collection by Color Studio Pro.

Best Sence Colorless Color Glossy Nail Polishes - Review
Black, White & Clear Nail Polishes are a must have for everyone who uses nail polishes as these can be mixed with so many other shades as well as act as base and top coats for beautiful manicures. But can we compromise on the quality when it comes to the health of our nails?

Sometimes we don't feel like using so many brushes for eye makeup especially when we are getting ready with natural looking eye makeup and at times it gets hard to carry so many brushes when we are traveling. Mineral Hygienics presents Full Eye Shadow Brush which can be called a multitasker (if that's a word =P).
All of us know how important it is to use the ring finger to apply concealer since it exerts least pressure but not all the times we should use a finger. It is less hygienic both for the skin and the product especially if using it on another person. I tried P86 - Precision Tapered brush by Sigma and I haven't used my finger or any other brush for concealer since then.
I was requested by so many of my readers and friends to do a makeup look wearing Crazy Lenses I reviewed a few days ago. I thought to create something with them and then Vampires came into my mind along with the upcoming The Twilight Saga - New Moon (part 2). Since Halloween is next month, I thought to combine everything and do an inspired makeup look. Let's see some close shots and what I used to create this look.

I tried many eye lash adhesives in past but nothing gave me good results. I always thought I am not good at wearing false lashes but the thing that it could be because of the eye lash adhesives I have used, never came to my mind. I tried DUO Eye Lash Adhesive and let's see how I found it.
Will you believe me if I will tell you that I heard tons of negative reviews about this products but bought it because the packaging and the shades looked amazingly stunning to me? Well you better believe me now. When I bought it I knew there is no way this product is going to work but guess what? I found a solution.
Another review on a Mascara that claims results we all want. Before & After pictures in this post will show you honest and real results. Find out if this All in one Mascara by Artdeco makes any difference or not.
Jewelry and especially fun jewelry is every girl's obsession. I personally prefer such accessories to add a non-traditional touch to my outfits. Beauty Unleashed presents these pretty jewelry items which can make you noticeable for sure.

I am always conscious about the products that are going to touch my skin but I am extraordinary careful when  it comes to eye liners. I can never compromise on the quality of an eye liner no matter what. A bit of harshness or irritation to my eye and that product will become a part of my makeup stuff labelled as never-ever-ever-touch-it-again. Do you think this eye liner has chances to be a part of that collection?
Eye liners are a must have for everyone who uses makeup. They are one of those makeup products that can effect majorly to your overall makeup or no-makeup look. They are also used on the most sensitive part of our face; eyes, so compromising on the quality is and should be out of question. Today I will talk about Mineral Eye Styler by Artdeco.

Use SB2012 at check out to get 10% off your next purchase. Click here to go to the website and start shopping. Read full post for some exciting information about Sigma products.
This post does not have any famous brands' nail polishes. Except for one, the rest don't even have a name on them. But I thought to show you what inexpensive products can do to add fun and colors in your life.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know me being crazy with makeup and accessories. Pushing the boundaries is what I believe in. Find out what I have for you today by reading the complete post.
For me, fairness has never been something to worry about. I am satisfied with my skin tone. I enjoy and appreciate it while I can. However, I try to minimize the imperfection my skin is getting with time. When I received this cream, the only thing I thought about minimizing some spots on my face while keeping my skin matte for long hours. Let's see if anything I expected happened really.
Catwalk Liquid Eye Liners in 'Black, Metallic Silver & Green' by Luscious Cosmetics
I like to use liquid eye liners but most of them I have right now has brush applicators which are not easy to use for me. These Catwalk Liquid Eye Liners by Luscious Cosmetics have applicators which give maximum possible precise application and are my favorite. Find out more in the post.

Whether you are a neon nail polish person or not, this Neon Nails Collection by Color Studio Pro will make you buy a few for sure. In this post I am going to talk about one of the shade from this gorgeous neon collection.
Mascara can make a huge difference in the way your eyes look. A quick swipe of a mascara on your eye lashes alone will make you look awake and confident for sure. I was really happy using a mascara I already had and it was the best of all those I have ever tried but after using this Ultimate Volume Mascara by Mineral Hygienics, I now know that there are mascaras even better than the ones I own. Let's see what pros and cons did I find about this mascara.

I always wanted to try a matte nail polish since they look really nice. This was my first time trying a matte nail polish by Ebalay. Let's see how it looked on my nails.

Eye/Eyebrow pencil that scratches the skin is a total turn off for me and I don't think before tossing it into the dustbin. I was so tempted by tons of shades in this Slim Eye/Eyebrow pencil y NYX. I saw a super awesome sale on a local online store and did not give a second thought before buying these. Did they work for me or I tossed them away? Let's find out.

I never met a girl who would say that she does not use a black eye liner. I feel like an eye liner and especially a black eye liner is a must have for everyone. Lining the eyes is just like putting a picture in a frame, the picture will look prettier and stand out for sure. Read full post to see the swatch and a look I created using this eye liner.
Well groomed eye brows make a huge difference to anyone's overall look. They can actually make you look confident and awake. Eye brow pencils are used to fill in all the gaps in eye brows making them look fuller and neat. A spooly brush works to blend your filling while combing through the eye brows. Now that you know the use, let's see how I find this Automatic Brow Pencil by Mineral Hygienics.
A quick drying and long lasting nail color has always been my first preference. This Haute Nail Polish by Color Studio Professional has surprised me in many ways. Read complete post to find out how.
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