So we decided to get a more glamorous and attractive logo for Sahrish's Beauty Advices! 
What do you think? =)

*Stay Beautiful
I have just crossed 100 followers on my blog, thanks to all of you. So, now its time for a giveaway!
I have been sponsored by Sigma to host this giveaway for e25 Travel Size brush!
Lets move to HOW TO ENTER part =)

Today I am reviewing this really beautiful eye shadow by Luscious Cosmetics.
This shade is called Angel and it is a really gorgeous lilac color.

I always wanted to put my brushes in a holder that will keep my brushes safe from dust and stuff! I could find one like that in Sigma's 12 Brush Kit set! But I just wanted a brush holder. 

I received this beautiful brush by Sigma a month ago and I have been using it since then. Where ever I go, I take it along with me. In short, I am totally in love with this brush <3
For more details, click on the picture below =) 

This Giveaway is exclusively for my Facebook Fans =)

Good Luck
*Stay Beautiful
Sigma is back with another exciting product launch! Introducing the new Sigma Beauty makeup line: the DARE, BARE and FLARE eye shadow palettes! You will have every color you need to go from day to night, from neutral to bright, and from casual to formal in just a few minutes! Each eye shadow palette comes with a different dual-ended brush featuring Sigma Beauty's all time best-selling brushes.

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