Crazy Geo Animation Lens in 'Red' by - Review

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know me being crazy with makeup and accessories. Pushing the boundaries is what I believe in. Find out what I have for you today by reading the complete post.

Products Description & Packaging:
The lenses came in a card box. Inside the box, there were two packaging with one lens in each of them in a solution. They come with a pink pig shaped lens case which looks really cute. There is also one more regular lens case inside the box. Everything reached nicely packed and safe. These particular lenses are from Crazy theme. 

These lenses are red in color and their product code is CP-F3. Brand is Geo Medical, I have used their lenses before.

Crazy Geo Animation Lens in 'Red' by
Pros & Cons:

  • Really easy to wear and take them off.
  • Adds such fun to eyes and are perfect for special occasions or photo shoots, especially Halloween.
  • Breathable for eyes. (People who wear lenses would understand this)
  • Non irritant after the eyes gets used to to the lenses which is obviously different for everyone.
  • They feel really light in eyes.

  • I did not find anything negative about the product.
Crazy Geo Animation Lens in 'Red' by

Overall Experience:
Since these lenses are red in color, after wearing them I felt like I have a tunnel vision with red surroundings. This feeling stays for about two minutes, every time I wear them. But this is absolutely normal for such crazy colored lenses. 

I have worn them for about 1-2 hours and I felt comfortable with them. These lenses are obviously not for everyday use but I am sure if someone will wear them in a costume party or Halloween, they will stand out. The good thing about selecting the color online with was that the shade is exactly the same as I selected online. 

Overall, I am happy with these lenses and I have a question for all of you. Would you want to see me wearing them? Let me know in the comments.

I will absolutely recommend these lenses for special occasions. Just so you know, I have sensitive eyes and I had Lasik done about one and a half year back. But still, lenses don't hurt me or anything.

Cost & Availability:
These crazy lenses are available in so many crazy and fun colors at for $24 and you can check them out here. They have a really vast variety of lenses at their website. LensVillage is based in Malaysia but they deliver worldwide and their shipping charges are also very reasonable. Check out their Facebook fan page here.

What do you think of these lenses? Would you like to see me wearing them?

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