DUO Eye Lash Adhesive in 'Clear' - Review & Swatch

I tried many eye lash adhesives in past but nothing gave me good results. I always thought I am not good at wearing false lashes but the thing that it could be because of the eye lash adhesives I have used, never came to my mind. I tried DUO Eye Lash Adhesive and let's see how I found it.

DUO Eye Lash Adhesive:
Sephora says: 
What it is:
A best-selling, waterproof false-lash adhesive.

What it does:
Hold your false eyelashes securely in place, for a look that is all drama—in a good way.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

Product Description & Packaging:
The DUO Eye Lash Adhesive comes in a plastic squeezable tube with a cap. It comes in Black (dries black) & White (dries clear) shades and I got the Clear one. It contains 14g of product.

DUO Eye Lash Adhesive in 'Clear'

Pros & Cons:

  • Dries clear.
  • Waterproof.
  • Sticks lashes really tightly even the ends are nicely secured.
  • Keep falsies in place throughout the day.
  • Does not dry inside the tube.
  • Does not leak.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Can be used to stick eye lashes or any face & body decorations.
  • Easy to remove with a makeup remover or a cleanser.
  • Non irritant.

  • I did not find anything negative about this product.

DUO Eye Lash Adhesive in 'Clear' (swatches L-R; Solid, Spread-ed & Dried)

Overall Experience:
I bought about 10 or more eye lash adhesives of different brands in past. Some of them won't even dry properly, some irritate the eyes like you have put green chili in your eyes, some of them will dry inside the tube even if tightly capped, some of them won't stick the ends of lashes properly and some of them won't even keep eye lashes stick for more than two hours. Most of the times I thought I am a failure at eye lashes and I literally stopped wearing eye lashes.

I heard about DUO Lash Adhesive before but firstly I couldn't find it here (or may be I didn't know where to buy it) and secondly I heard it is pretty expensive. I worked as a makeup artist in a music video with my husband some time back and I needed an eye lash adhesive. Since I could not take any risk with the model's eyes and I needed something to work perfectly for a day time and long hours shoot, I did not think twice and bought this eye lash adhesive instantly.

I came back, tried it for 2-3 times and OMG, I was relieved to know that I am actually pretty fine when it comes to apply eye lashes. The only problem was the stupid eye lash adhesives I bought in past.

This one works like a charm. It sticks the eye lases without any effort, keep them in place throughout the day even in hot weather and does not irritate the eyes at all. The model I applied falsies on wore it for about 6 hours during shoot in a sunny and hot day, she went back with makeup on and the lashes stayed in place throughout the day.

Overall, I am just in love with DUO Eye Lash Adhesive and now I know that it was worth a buy. I know this is going to last for a really long time so I kind of feel like I saved money and chose a right product for my eyes.

Even if you are a beginner or a professional and want to buy an eye lash adhesive, get this one. I would personally recommend to get one in White, because it dries clear so if you end up with some glue on your eye shadow, you won't have to worry while the Black one can be a bit of a mess. I always recommend choosing best possible product for eyes so think about the safety of your eyes before you go buy something.
And just one more thing, if you are a beginner, try to get good quality products. Trust me, it will improve your skills way faster than using bad quality products.

Cost & Availability:
DUO Eye Lash Adhesive is available at Sephore, MAC stores and also on MAC's website.
I bought it for RM 50 (double of the original price) from MAC store in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia.

In Malaysia, you can also get it from Luxola for RM 32. They also ship to a few other countries as well.

It is available on MAC's website for $9 (here), on Sephora's website for $8 (here) and on DrugStore for about $6 (here). Prices can vary a bit because of taxes and duties. Also, there are people selling it online for less so if you know a trustworthy seller, do give it a try.

Beware of the fake ones, you won't even notice the difference in packaging but the product would be horrible.

Do you have a story of your Lash Adhesive? Do share your experience. 

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  1. i was also thinking of getting this for me..thanks for the review :)

  2. I need this in my life. Great review Sahrish. Loved it :) xx

    1. You should get your hands on this one. I remember you had really bad irritation from a clear adhesive by Ardell I think. I am sure you will love it like I do :) xx

  3. Yeah I know, this one is amongst the best. x

  4. thanks for sharing sehrish.This is something I actually might be able to use.I never even try to wear false lashes because of one bad experience when they came off.now i will definitely try this one.thanks again


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