Stila's Wonderful in Waikiki Collectible Beach Palette No. 4 - Review & Swatches

Stila's Wonderful in Waikiki - Review & Swatches
I bought this palette last year but never get a chance to use it. I was really excited to own a limited edition palette by Stila Cosmetics, but was it worth it? Find out each and every bit of detail in the post and decide for yourself if collecting limited edition products is a good idea or not.

Product Description & Packaging:
This is a limited edition palette by Stila Cosmetics. It has the packaging style of a book. It has four eye shadows, one blush & one bronzer. It also has a mirror inside. All four eye shadows contain 4.2g of product and blush & bronzer contains 3.1g of product in each.

Stila's Wonderful in Waikiki - Review & Swatches
Stila's Wonderful in Waikiki

Pros & Cons:


  • Eye shadows and blush has medium pigmentation while the bronzer is highly pigmented.
  • Everything blends smoothly.
  • Eye shadows stay throughout the day (5-7 hours) if used over eye primer.
  • Blush stays on for about 3-4 hours. (conditions; hot and humid weather & oily skin) 
  • Mirror is really helpful.
  • Complete kit for everyday use.
  • Has a little guide inside to create a basic full face makeup look.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Non irritant.
  • Eye shadows don't show up much on eyes and crease if not applied over an eye primer.
  • Bronzer is way too orange-y. 
Stila's Wonderful in Waikiki - Review & Swatches
Stila's Wonderful in Waikiki (swatches)

Overall Experience:
If I talk about the eye shadows, I love them. I can create different looks with them and use wahine & coconut to highlight and contour face respectively. Surf is the only matte shadow in this kit and it is really gorgeous. Sarong creates amazing smokey eye makeup if used with a matte black eye shadow.

They are nicely pigmented as you can see the swatches without primer but they do not stick to the eye lids properly until or unless I am wearing an eye shadow base or an eye primer. And the little amount that goes onto the lids, creases badly in an hour or so and after maximum of two hours, you can't even say you had any eye shadow on.

Since, I have really oily lids, I always wear eye primer even if I am going for neutral eye makeup so this was not a big problem for me. But I thought to mention it for people who are not into eye primers.

They work great with the primer and stays throughout the day without toning down much. Creasing is also out of question. I use these eye shadows over my Professional Eye Primer by MUA (read review here), this primer saved my life. =)

The blush is really good as well. It has medium pigmentation, blends effortlessly and it is such a gorgeous peachy orange shade. I love it. These day I am so into peachy and orange-y blushes so it is working great for me these days.

The bronzer, *why you call it bronzer =/* is not a bronzer in my books because for me a bronzer should be a bronze shade and should have a brown town to add shade on face. This one just adds a weird orange tan (if that makes sense). So I am using it for blush only.

Overall, this is a really nice palette and I am glad I have a limited edition product. If you want me to create a makeup look with this, do let me know in the comments.

If you don't have a problem with the bronzer or you use this shade in bronzer, you can give it a try. It is a cute addition to the makeup stash.

Cost & Availability:
I bought it ages ago with a few other products that you can see in my haul post here so I don't remember the exact price, but I got it for $12 I think, not sure. It is not available on Stila's website now but you can get it on or just do a bit of research on Google to get your hand on this beauty.

Do you own any limited edition product? Share your collections. =)
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  1. nice review, yeah i own so much limited edition and always lazy to do reviews, but now i feel i share some soon...

  2. Good concept of a bronzer is same as yours...will be waiting for ur look created with this palette...<3

  3. yes thats what i say about should be a shade of brown so that you can contour your face.nice

  4. I think wearing these colors will make me feel like I’m on the beach. Shimmery sand colors and vibrant ocean blue :). Very nice!


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