Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadows in '818, 893, 863 & 827' - Review & Swatches

Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadows in '818, 893, 863 & 827' - Review & Swatches
Anyone who is into makeup always have more eye shadows than any other makeup product, right? We all want best pigmentation, staying power and a vast variety of colors and textures. I got to try Pure Mineral Eye Shadows by Artdeco and let's see how I found them.

Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadow:
They say: 'Mineral eyeshadow with a silky soft texture for a finish as elegant as the finest silk. Immerse yourself into a frenzy with an eye shadow color that will meet your high standards! A particularly high mineral content and the absence of synthetic dyes and fragrances and preservatives characterize this particular eye shadow. It maintains a mineral complex consisting of magnesium , potassium, zinc and sodium the delicate eye area, without sacrificing vibrant color intensity. Also ideal for use with a dry or damp applicator. New Pure mineral eyeshadows can be individually combined, as they are sold individually, and can be used in practical magnetic beauty boxes are kept.'

Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadows in '818, 893, 863 & 827' - Review & Swatches
Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadows in '818, 893, 863 & 827'
Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadows in '818, 893, 863 & 827' - Review & Swatches
Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadows - Back Side Magnet

Product Description & Packaging:
Artdeco's Pure Mineral Eye Shadow comes in individual plastic casing with transparent lids. The lid is slide-able as well as you can put it off completely to set the single eye shadow in your empty palette. It has a magnetic base as you can see in the picture, this is very helpful if you want to put your eye shadows in an empty palette that has magnetic base. The texture of the eye shadow is powdery and velvety and has a silky chrome finish.

Only one of these four reached me in one piece but they had to travel alot before they reached here so thanks to postal service.

Let me describe each shade for you before I move to collective review of these eye shadows.
  • 818 is like a shimmery vanilla shade. It works great to highlight brow bone, inner corner of the eye and even the face & body. 
  • 893 is a shimmery lilac shade. When light hits this shade, it reflect a really soft violet shine.
  • 863 is a very light shimmery lime shade. It has a very dull gold glow.
  • 827 is a rich brown shade with copper shine. It is the matte-est shade among all these and also more pigmented than others. Great to contour the face as well.

    Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadows in '818, 893, 863 & 827' - Review & Swatches
    Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadows

    Pros & Cons:

    • Good pigmentation.
    • Blends easily.
    • Shades can be enhanced over an eye shadow base. (not primer)
    • Does not crease even without eye primer.
    • Can be used dry or wet.
    • Minimal fall outs.
    • Non irritant.
    • Starts to tone down after maximum of two hour even without sweating.
    • Skin shows through the shadows no matter how much you apply so a base or primer is a must to have good coverage.
    • Does not stay even with an eye primer, it just slides & tones down.

    Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadows in '818, 893, 863 & 827' - Review & Swatches
    Artdeco Pure Mineral Eye Shadows in '818, 893, 863 & 827' (swatches with & without primer)

    Overall Experience:
    I have tried these eye shadows with and without primer and except for 827, there wasn't much difference in enhancement of the shades except for the complete coverage of the skin. Without primer, the skin shows off which does not look nice but with primer or an eye shadow base, the problem gets fixed.

    They blend nicely without much fall outs but one thing I did not like, they will not stay any longer with an eye primer and also tone down just as I haven't applied the eye primer underneath. They are too silky to stick to the skin/primer and stay there for long hours.

    In the swatches you saw above, these eye shadows except for 827 look really enhanced but they do not show up the same on eyes. In fact, 818 is really light and gives a shiny finish with vanilla undertone. They only show up better if used with a damp brush but once they are dried, they barely last more than one hour of their usual staying power. 

    Overall, I am not really impressed with the pigmentation and staying power of these eye shadows except for 827. All the shades are gorgeous but they should have been more pigmented and have a good ability to stick. They are also not too budget friendly. 

    If you are looking for slight shimmery eye shadows, these might be good for you. Not all the shades might be bad so I would suggest having them swatched on your arm from testers before you buy these. 818 can be used to highlight eyes and face so it will be a good purchase and 827 is nice as well. 

    Cost & Availability:
    Each Pure Mineral Eye Shadow costs PKR 495 and you can buy it in
    • Lahore from Enem Store, Al-Fatah & Raja Sahib
    • Karachi from Naheed Superstore, Agha’s & Scentsation Dolmen
    • Islamabad from Shaheen Chemists & D.Watson Chemists
    Join Artdeco - Pakistan Facebook page here. For more information regarding the availability of this product in your country, check out this link

    What do you think of these Pure Mineral Eye Shadow? Tried them yet?

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    1. so sad to read about the bad things about this... i can see they are so soft that they have been damaged. nice review

    2. too bad it did not work for you...I had their magnetic palette with two shadows, once upon a time, and I found them to be pretty good..Its sad when the color pay-off is not as expected..

    3. honest review... too bad for the price......for me Luscious is the winner then...<3

    4. Pretty shades, too bad they didn't work :(


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