LX & No Name Brands' Nail Polishes I Love - Short Reviews & Swatches

This post does not have any famous brands' nail polishes. Except for one, the rest don't even have a name on them. But I thought to show you what inexpensive products can do to add fun and colors in your life.

Nail Polish in 'Red' by LX:
I bought this nail polish from a local general store in Lahore, Pakistan for PKR 75. I only wanted a red nail polish and wasn't really conscious about the brand. The guy on the counter told me that this brand just came in and people who bought it to try came back to buy more colors. The shades I remember they had were red, black, white, clear and a few other neon and bright ones. The guy was actually right about it. For PKR 75, I did not expect it to be any good but it worked really fine. The shade was exactly what I wanted, pigmentation is nice and staying power is also good. The only problem is that the second coat takes about 3-4 minutes to dry, but what do you expect with inexpensive polishes anyways. Here are the pictures:

LX Nail Polish in 'Red'
LX Nail Polish in 'Red'

No Name Brand's Glitter Nail Polishes in 'Silver, Pink & Golden':
I bought these nail polishes from Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia and I did a haul post about them as well (haul post here). I got these on a price for '4 for RM10' (RM 10 = $3 approx), again highly inexpensive. I got these because these shades looked so sexy and the bottles are so cute and smaller than usual ones. I didn't even check the pigmentation or anything. Only thing I had in my mind was to keep them on my makeup table for extra cuteness.

When I came home, I tried the one in Silver and wow, the pigmentation is awesome, dries in a decent time, two coats give full coverage and such such such pretty shade with heavy glitter. It also has a really good staying power. All three shades look really nice and give smooth surface. I love to apply these as top coats on other nail polishes I have.

No Name Brand's Glitter Nail Polishes in 'Silver, Pink & Golden'

No Name Brand's Neon Nail Polishes in 'Pink, Blue & Orange':
I bought these nail polishes from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and I did a haul post about them as well (haul post here). I got these on a price for '3 for RM10' (RM 10 = $3 approx), again highly inexpensive. Reason to get these was same as the previous ones, cuteness and fun colors. They are not very pigmented and the drying time is also just fine but they look pretty nice and have a good staying power. Three coats give full coverage and mixing them with other shades look really good on nails.

No Name Brand's Glitter Nail Polishes in 'Pink, Blue & Orange'

Here are the swatches for all the nail polishes mentioned in this post. In first picture, starting from right to left, there is one coat of LX's nail polish then two coats of same nail polish, then two coats of same red nail polish with one top coat of silver glittery nail polish. On last fake nail of nail wheel, I added a top coat of Golden nail polish with two coats of LX's nail polish underneath.

LX Nail Polish's Swatches Combined With Other Shades

In second picture, You can see the swatches for neon nail polishes. I applied three coats of each and really like the results.

No Name Bran's Nail Polishes' Swatches

In last picture, I applied two coats of glittery nail polishes. Look how pigmented the nail polishes are and how fully covered the fake nails on nail wheel are. I seriously haven't found more gorgeous silver and golden shades yet except for these.

No Name Bran's Nail Polishes' Swatches
This is it for some really inexpensive nail polishes from my collection. If you see something like this anywhere, just don't be a brand conscious person and get them to decor your makeup table. I am sure you won't regret your buys ever. 

Let me know what you think of this post? Your feedback is really important for me. Would you like to see more inexpensive nail polishes in my future posts?

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  1. The pastels and the shimmery ones looks great! I agree, sometimes the ones with no brand at all are as good as the expensive ones. (Except that their ingredients may be questionable at best, haha)

  2. i just love the pink and blue shades in no name brands

  3. Great swatches, specially "no name" :)


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