Mineral Eye Styler in '54 - Dark Grey & 59 - Brown' by Artdeco - Review & Swatches

Eye liners are a must have for everyone who uses makeup. They are one of those makeup products that can effect majorly to your overall makeup or no-makeup look. They are also used on the most sensitive part of our face; eyes, so compromising on the quality is and should be out of question. Today I will talk about Mineral Eye Styler by Artdeco.

Mineral Eye Styler by Artdeco:
They say: 'With the Mineral Eye Styler perfect your eye make-up with innovative mechanics. The narrow shape of mine and grip for easy use of the pen provide optimal alignment and convince with a akkuratem paint and a pleasant feel. The creamy texture and intense color is long-lasting, smudge-proof and suitable for sensitive eyes. The Mineral Eye Styler is preservative free, fragrance-free and mineral oil free. The integrated sharpener makes a perfect and precise application.' (this text has been translated from another language)

Mineral Eye Styler in '54 - Dark Grey & 59 - Brown' by Artdeco

Product Description & Packaging:
This is an automatic eye liner and the product comes out when you twist it. The whole body is made up of plastic and it has a rubber grip. On one end, there is an eye liner and on the other end, there is a sharpener. The shades I will be reviewing are 54 - Dark Grey & 59 - Brown. This Mineral Eye Styler is available in 12 beautiful shades.

Mineral Eye Styler in '54 - Dark Grey & 59 - Brown' by Artdeco
Mineral Eye Styler in '54 - Dark Grey & 59 - Brown' by Artdeco (sharpeners)
Mineral Eye Styler in '54 - Dark Grey & 59 - Brown' by Artdeco (sharpeners)
Mineral Eye Styler in '54 - Dark Grey & 59 - Brown' by Artdeco (sharpener)

Pros & Cons:

  • Highly pigmented.
  • Intense colors.
  • Creamy texture glides on to the skin and waterline smoothly.
  • Soft on skin.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Matte finish.
  • Water/sweat & smudge proof, once dried.
  • Stays on eyelids for more than 10 hours without smudging. (conditions; oily lids, no eye primer or base)
  • Stays on waterline for about 2-3 hours.
  • Has a sharpener.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Non irritant.

  • It can only be removed properly with a makeup remover or cleanser. I did not find this point negative for myself since it proves how good the staying power is but I thought it might be a problem for some people who do not have habit or time to use a makeup remover or cleanser every time they remove makeup. 

Mineral Eye Styler in '54 - Dark Grey & 59 - Brown' by Artdeco (swatches)
Mineral Eye Styler in '54 - Dark Grey & 59 - Brown' by Artdeco (swatches)

Overall Experience:
I used an Automatic Eye Liner by Mineral Hygienics (review) some time back and it impressed me for its quality and softness. When I tried these Mineral Eye Stylers by Artdeco, I fell in love for some obvious reasons mentioned before. 

I absolutely loved how it is extremely water and smudge proof. And yeah, the soft texture cannot be neglected. The only thing that bothered me was how am I going to sharp it since the one by Mineral Hygienics did not have a sharpener and I end up wasting so much product every time I shape it with a regular pencil sharpener. As you have seen in the pictures above, these eye liners have sharpeners and I am really glad about it as I know I can shape my previous pencil with these as well. The good thing is that the sharpener will be with my pencil all the time when I am travelling. 

I have worn these in humid and hot weather, slashed my face with water, used a face wash; nothing could remove the eye liners. Although, after using a face wash, I noticed that I could remove it a bit by rubbing with the towel/tissue but that would only damage the skin. So, my cleanser which I love to use for my eyes since it is really moisturizing, Essential Cleansing Solution by Dermalogica (review), works like a charm to remove this eye liner without hurting my eyes at all. 

Overall, this is a great product. I will definitely buy more when I will run out of these.

I would highly recommend these eyeliners to all my readers with any skin type and age. Girls, who like to wear eye liners everyday and end up looking like a panda in the night should get these water and smudge proof eyeliners. 

Just a quick tip for people who rub there under eye part to clean up or remove the makeup, please use a cleanser. By rubbing that area, you will get dark circles and discoloration. Also, your mothers will be angry by looking at the towels, full of black lines, that you use to clean up the liners/kajals. 

Mineral Eye Styler in '54 - Dark Grey & 59 - Brown' by Artdeco

Cost & Availability:
Each Mineral Eye Styler costs PKR 840 and you can buy it in
  • Lahore from Enem Store, Al-Fatah & Raja Sahib
  • Karachi from Naheed Superstore, Agha’s & Scentsation Dolmen
  • Islamabad from Shaheen Chemists & D.Watson Chemists
Join Artdeco - Pakistan Facebook page here. For more information regarding the availability of this product in your country, check out this link

What do you think of the Mineral Eye Stylers? Worth a buy?
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  1. Really impressive! Would have to check them out now. Thanks for sharing <3

  2. This sounds to be a promising eyeliner range. Nice review. <3

  3. ohh staying power is so challenging... so thumbs up for the product nice review XX

  4. these are def worth checking out!

  5. brown is good.I have recently read somewhere that brown eyeliner should be used instead of black during daytime for a softer natural look.This brown seems to have perfect tone.thanks for sharing.

  6. i tried these at naheed store,i loved the color intensity and staying power,but then i ended up buying artdeco's soft eye liner waterproof.

  7. I know this brand hard to get.

  8. very impressive review.its realy non transfer .its good for tight line without smear.


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