Maybelline Eye Studio-Lasting Drama Gel Liner - Review & Swatch!

I always used liquid liners, pencils etc because I could not find a really good and reliable gel liner for my eyes. And above that, I always felt that handling a gel liner would be difficult. I came across this gel liner one day and lets see how I found it.
Product Name: Maybelline Eye Studio-Lasting Drama Gel Liner
Product Type: Gel
My Color: 01 Black
Packaging & Body: It comes in a packaging like you can see in the picture. Gel liner comes in an opaque glass pot with metal cover. It has a complementary (or may be included for ever) liner brush that has a plastic cap. You can also see the size of the pot (No, my finger is just the regular size, the post is tiny and cute =P)

  • It is very easy to apply if you are using a proper liner brush.
  • Dries very quickly (so you don't have to be worried if you have tendency to open p your eyes soon after you are done with the liner)
  • Water proof and does not come off even if you sweat too much.
  • Does not smudge easily (though rubbing your eye real hard does not count =P)
  • Lasts for about 20+ hours
  • Has a very soft fregnance
  • The brush is not really good. It does not give you a fine line.
How do I use it?
I use it to line my eye lids and water line.
How often do I use it?
I use it almost every time I am going out, because it is so easy to use. I love it when I want that thick-black-liner-all-around-my-eyes look.
Sensitive Eyes?
This product did not give me any side effects and I have been using it for almost past 3 months now.
Will I buy it again?
Hell YEAH! 100% 
890 PKR (Apprx 30 RM)
I got it from Al-Fatah DHA. Cost vs quantity and quality is pretty good.
As for the swatch, I applied it first and then after a couple of minutes I put it under running water for about one minute. Open the picture in a new windows to see the result.

Check out my Pink & Black Smokey Eye Makeup to know how I used it in that look. Hope you guys have enjoyed the review. Do not forget to follow my Blog if you haven't already.
See you soon
*Stay Beautiful


  1. I'm def gonna try it. Good review xx

  2. This is awesome.I have been using it for several months now.I apply it with Luscious Bent eye liner brush It helps a lot.

  3. I have been using this for some months now Its really awesome.I apply it with Luscious bent eye liner brush.It helps a lot:)

  4. I am SO looking for this everywhere. But it is out of stock! :( Nice review

  5. Thanks girls :)
    @Rabeeyah, I hope you will find one soon :)

  6. Nice review.This gel liner is one of the good ones , i agree.Try using an an angled or bent eyeliner brush.That will make application smoother.Most brushes that come with products like this, are not good enough.

  7. i really wanted to try this one but sad to say i havent found it here yet in my place. i heard really good reviews about this gel eyeliner.

  8. Awesome Review! I should really get this.

  9. i need it badly i tried bobbi brown and MAc fluid line but did'n work for me :(

  10. Well feel crave to buy this :)

  11. I have yet to try this liner.It's on my wishlist. So many beauty bloggers swear by this. I was sold a fake Maybelline gel liner a while back and it's horrid. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  12. I wish i knew about it before then I would have definitely bought it but now i don't have a single rupee left :(I bought a cake liner in saddar (peshawar) as I am really new to makeup and stuff i didn't know what i was buying and the shopkeeper insisted that it was a good product but really it isn't .

  13. Good review ;) yo este aun no lo e probado no tengo ninguno asi solo uso lapiz delineador pero se ve muy bien este =)

  14. i have heard some friends mention this, i want to try too..
    thanks for the review ;)

  15. I love this product. Thank you for the wonderful review :) xx

  16. Thanks for your lovely comments girls :)

  17. I love eyeliners that don't budge, even under water!! Thanks for the review honey :) x

  18. I have recently brought this eyeliner and i am loving it.

    loving your blog

  19. i have this liner i loved it but now itstexture has drained. it is kinda dry. did that happen to yours??

    1. It dries after 6 months. Same happened to me. Though it still works fines. I just have to use a stiff brush now.

  20. amazing m gna but this for sure :)thanks honey

  21. yes its tooooooo good em using it now a days. bought it


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