Pink Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Finally a pending tutorial for Pink Smokey Eye Makeup.
This eye makeup took about 20-25 minutes and the whole look was done in 40 minutes approximately.

For eyes I used:

  • Etude Stick Concealer as primer (#08PA)
  • Creme Powder by Fennel (Shade: Light)
  • Bright Pink, White & Vanilla Eye Shadows from 96 Color Water Base Matte Eyeshadow Kit by Florina
  • Black Eye Shadow by Christine (Read Review)
  • Water Proof Mascara by Christine
  • Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner by Maybelline (01 Black)
  • White Glitter Lip/Eye Pencil by Christine (#CN 31)
  • Longlasting Eyeliner 851 Black by Sweet Touch Cosmetics

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Step 1: I primed my eye and dusted it with face powder. Dusting with face powder or any eye shade close to your skin tone decrease the chances of creasing, specially when you are using bright colors.
Step 2: I applied about two coats to pink eye shadow in the middle of my eye lid and did not take it above my crease.
Step 3: Then I applied black eye shadow by Christine on outer corner of the eye lid, in v-shape.
Step 4: I blended the black eye shadow a bit and applied white pencil in the inner corner or my eye. 
Step 5: I blended the black eye shadow more and blended the white pencil as well. I always use the warmth of my finger to blend the pencils. Pack some more pink shade if you feel like it is fading down.
Step 6: Apply white eye shadow to the inner corner and vanilla eye shadow to brow bone. Use the same vanilla color to blend the black. 
Apply a mixture of black and pink eye shadows on lower lid and a white in the inner corner. Two coats of mascara and a fine line of gel liner and you are done =)

Here is the final look for eyes:
I preferred to keep my eye brows look natural. I used Perfect Brow Kit by Luscious Cosmetics.

Here is the complete look:
For face I used:

  • L'Oreal Liquid Foundation (Read Review)
  • Creme Powder by Fennel (Shade: Light)
  • Brown shade for contour
  • A mixture of Red, Peach and Pink shades on cheeks

For lips I used:

  • Golden Rose Lip Color (Nude Shade)
  • 3D Diamond Shine Lip Gloss by Christine (#CN 04) (Read Review)
Here is the final look =>
Dress was by Zahra Ahmad, she has like 3-4 outlets in Lahore.

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I hope you guys have enjoyed the post.
See you soon

*Stay Beautiful

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  1. i just finished voting for you,your eye makeup is so pretty,i was trying to create a similar look with my Eid outfit...but couldn't really work out with this color...thanks for the i'll try it again:)

  2. and i forgot to mention your bracelet is super cool.

  3. well, great post, like your detail look...:)

  4. Thanks alot Benish, Fakhra and Areej for liking my post and for such a lovely comments :)

  5. hi! Your eyeshadow suits you well :)

  6. loved this make up, definitely i'm gonna try. thanks for the tutorial!! :)

  7. Love the purple makeup and the Goth look! <3


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