3D Diamond Shine Lip Gloss by Christine! Review & Swatch!

I got a hand full of requests to review some not-so-expensive products, specially by a local brand in Pakistan named Christine. Here is a review for 3D Diamond Shine Lip gloss by Christine.

Product Name: 3D Diamond Shine Lip Gloss
Type: Glittery
My Shade: CN-O4
Cost: 55 PKR (2 RM Approx)
Packaging & Body:
  • The product comes in a cute silver cover with tiny black stars over it. I really liked it.
  • The handle has a solid grip.

  • Applicator is an angled brush and brings just enough product out from the tube.
  • Gives a sudden relief from chapped lips.
  • Its glittery effect is really smooth and can be combined with any lip color.
  • Stays for longer hours.
  • Not too much sticky.
  • Smells fine.
  • Comes in so many shades.
  • Glitter does not go off really easily and you may find it there even after you have washed your face.
How do I use it?
Beside from using it on my lips alone or combined with other lip colors, I some times use it as a highlighter for my neck cheeks and brow bone. If you just take a tiny bit of product on your finger tip and use it on your skin, you will find that if does not leave a sticky base and gives you a glittery effect (that's suitable for party time only =P).
How often do I use it?
I only use it for parties and weddings as you can not wear such makeup in routine.
Sensitive skin?
Its good to use a cheap product over a base or another good makeup product or primer. I am not sure if this will suit every person but I, so far, did not have any side effects.
My recommendation:
You should go for it if you are low on budget, want a whole lot of glosses in multiple shades =p, do not use such products so often and scared that if you will spend more money on a good product, it might expire before you have used it enough OR you want a good looking lip gloss in your stash as 55 PKR is way too good for a multipurpose lip gloss. =) 
Also check out my Pink & Black Smokey Eye Makeup to see how it looks on lips.
I hope you have liked my review. Please leave your feedback and also let me know if you want me to review more products by Christine =)

See you guys soon, don't forget to follow my blog =)
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  1. Like your review. Looks pretty <3

  2. i'm always been a big fan of christine but did'n know they also have lipglosses will definatly try can you please tell me in which store in lahore i can get the whole range of christine???

  3. Thanks girls :)
    @sadee... I got it from Mart Blue in Lahore. Its near Metro. I dunno where else you can find the range.

  4. Great review. I am not much of a fan of glitter glosses but I like this ahde. ^^



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