Paris Fashion Week - Sam McKnight - With a Step-by-Step Hair Tutorial!

Backstage at Paris Fashion Week with Sam McKnight,
Global Stylist Ambassador for Pantene Pro-V, Paris S/S ‘12
The Hair Look: Ethereal Aura

The inspiration for the Vivienne Westwood Gold Label show in Paris was the idea of a better world borne out of a marriage of nature and science. A world where health equals wealth and where art and science triumph over materialism.
The collection itself was an eclectic mix of clothes influenced by ancient China, the desert and 17th century corsets; presented together as a human tapestry of shapes, color and texture. Oversized corsetry became tough, like armour, while layers of Berber inspired fabrics in black, indigo blue, copper and white brought a sense of softness to the collection as Vivienne’s signature mix of history and ethnicity meshed itself together.

Vivienne talked about a World Family Tree starting with the union of Mother Nature and Science, which inspired me to create a look that captured the idea of childlike innocence. There is an innocent aura about the hair which comes from the uncomplicated freshness of this style. I also wanted to bring in an element of history with the ethereal veil of hair framing the face as in an old family painting. ” says Sam McKnight, Global Stylist Ambassador for Pantene Pro-V.
 Get the look:
1. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair, using Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Shampoo and Conditioner to create the perfect base.
2. Then blow-dry smooth using a flat bristle brush, concentrating on smoothing the length of the hair with the brush for a soft result.
3. Once completely dry, create a full circle parting round the circumference of the hair line (just a couple of mms in) and let the loose hair fall down and create a ‘veil’ around the hair line.
4. Create 2-3 diagonal partings at random, and secure each section of hair in to a ponytail and secure with a snag free elastic.
5. Next braid each pony tail and secure at the end. Loosen the braid a little by pulling it slightly apart with your fingers.
6. Loop each braid back on itself and secure against the original ponytail – use hair clips to hold in place if needed.
7. Apply Pantene Pro-V Clinicare Frizz Defying Serum - Concentrate to the ends to smooth away any frizz.
8. Finish the style with a generous spray Pantene Pro-V Stay Smooth Hairspray to keep the look in place.
• Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Shampoo and Conditioner
• Pantene Pro-V Clinicare Frizz Defying Serum- Concentrate
• Pantene Pro-V Stay Smooth Hairspray
I hope you guys have liked this post. Let me know when you try this hair-do!
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