FOTD - Goth Halloween Look!

I wanted to do a Halloween look long ago and thought to wait for the month of October actually. I didn't had in mind about what I am really gonna do with the theme so I grabbed all my stash one night and this is what I came up with. =)
Lets see what I used to create this look. 

For Face I Used:
  • Professional Paint Stick by Christine (#CNF 1)
  • White eye shadow from 96 Color Water Base Matte Eyeshadow Kit by Florina
  • Brown shade for contour
For Eyes I Used:

  • Etude Stick Concealer as primer (#08PA)
  • Light purple, dark purple, black and orange eye shadows from 96 Color Water Base Matte Eyeshadow Kit by Florina
  • Kohl cream shadow from Glamour Eyes Kit by Luscious
  • Red Glitter
  • Black liquid liner by DFY9
  • Heavy eye lashes #016 (See picture here)
  • Eyelash Adhesive by Hers
For Eyebrows I Used:
  • Kohl cream shadow from Glamour Eyes Kit by Luscious
  • Dark Purple eye shadow from 96 Color Water Base Matte Eyeshadow Kit by Florina
  • Perfect Brows tool kit by Luscious  (read review here)
For Lips I Used:
  • Eye liner in Black (#P301) by Aqua Cosmetics
  • Maybelline Lipstick in Silver Lilac (#130)
  • Dark Purple eye shadow from 96 Color Water Base Matte Eyeshadow Kit by Florina
  • Red and Golden glitters
As for the brushes, I used some brushes from Travel Kit by Sigma and pro kit by Luscious. 

I hope you guys have liked this look. Let me know if you have any requests.
Your feedback is really important so please leave a comment.
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See you soon
 *Stay Beautiful


  1. Excellent job! Love the look :) xx

  2. OMG This is just awesome..too it to core

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments =)

  4. Jeez Sehrish you are SUPER AMAZING. This look can go on any mag cover. You look G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. ♥

  5. wat a goth look.... phew... super job...:)

  6. this is sooo cool! You did an amazing job with the makeup and your outfit!

  7. wow thats very vampirish :) Good job :)

  8. Scary but lovely hair color :)

  9. you look gorgeous <3 is that piercing for real ?:D soo cool

  10. @Shang..thanks a bunch or such a lovely comment.
    @Batul...yes this piercing is real :)
    @everyone else..Thanks alot :) I am really glad to have such a great response =)

  11. Love how you styled your hair to complement the look!


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