BornPrettyStore'sOne Year Anniversary Giveaway Online!!!

Born Pretty Store - Introduction:

They manufacture nail art products and sell them at the best price and provide the best service. They have a vast range of nail art products and tools. The best thing I found other than their range is that they offer free shipping which is so awesome. Check out their website here: Born Pretty Store
They also have a shop on ebay which is a Top Rated Seller as of August 15th, 2010, please click HERE to view their ebay store.
And now the time for a great new about this company. 

Born Pretty Store is celebrating their One Year Anniversary and doing a giveaway on their blog. There are going to be total 4 winners. Check out the giveaway on BornPrettyStore's Blog.
I will be posting more cool stuff that I will find on their website in my future posts. 
See you soon and don't forget to follow my blog =) 
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  1. How long does shipping take to texas

  2. Just wanting to know how long is shipping to texas from bornprettystore

  3. You are welcome Fuchsia :) and congrats on winning it =)

    @efairy ... i will confirm it asap..please email me at


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