Christine's Eye Shade in Black - Review + Swatch

I was searching for a really dark black eye shadow a while back when I saw this beauty. It was dark - it was black - it was inexpensive. =)
It gives a really matte finish and you can achieve, from a very light blackish look to a really heavy smokey look with this eye shadow.
As for a black shadow, it has really less fall outs. So, while packing a few layers of this shadow on my eyes, I always prefer to do the eyes first and then the rest of the face. (A blush-brush stroke on a black eye shadow's fall out can be a real pain)

My skin and eyes are pretty sensitive, but I did not get any reactions or itchiness by using this shadow. 

It is also pretty easy to blend as compared to a few other black eye shadows I have used so far and does not leave harsh lines if you spend a little time on blending, as after all it is a dark shade. 
Left swatch is without primer, while the right swatch is with primer.
How can you use this eye shadow:

  • Except for using the eye shadow for your eyes, you can also use it to fill in your eye brows (if you have dark ones).
  • Use a wet eye liner brush on this eye shadow and apply a matte finished eye liner.
  • You can pack your gel liner with it as well.
  • While going for a more dramatic look with your lips, pat it on your red lipstick to create that Vampirish (self made word :p) look.
Cost: I don't exactly remember its price as I bought it a while ago but I guess it was about 150-200 PKR.

Check out the Red Smokey Look I re-created using this shadow.
What do you prefer, matte or shimmery eye shadows?

See you soon

*Stay Beautiful


  1. its already black without primer!

    i prefer matte for daily makeup, rarely using shimmery..

  2. sometimes matt and sumtmes shimmery..but good reveiew especialy abt the ways eye shadow can be used

  3. Thanks for this review :) Looks like a great product <3


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