Quick and easy washing for makeup brushes! My Way =)

I always hate it when I had a manicure and I have to wash my brushes, as it needs my hands to work with lots of soap and water. Also, I feel guilty when I waste so much water.
A few weeks back I tried to wash two of my brushes with a different method (I dunno if someone has already done it or not), and a few days back, I tried the same method when I had to wash about 20 makeup brushes. =)
I found this method really good and thought to share it with you guys. Enjoy Reading =)
Things You Need:
  • A glass. You should be able to see through it.
  • A mild baby shampoo.
  • Your dirty makeup brushes.
  • Few glasses of water =)
  • Tissue paper. Preferably kitchen towel.
  • A towel to place your brushes on.

Step 1: Take the glass and put some shampoo and water in it. The water level should not raise the metal part of the brush, as it can damage your brush if reaches to the wooden part. 

Step 2: Keep your water level as you see in the picture below. Now dip your brushes in the water and press them a couple of times. See how I did it in 2nd picture below. Dip the brushes with strong colors at the end, e.g., blue, red, black etc.

These brushes are only dipped.

These brushes are pressed towards the bottom.

Step 3: After dipping each of your brush a couple of times, take it out and swipe it against the side of the glass as shown in the picture below. At this step, put your brushes upside down :S ammm, in a way that their handles are at the top :P I dunno how to explain it :P 
Step 4: Wash your glass and repeat the step number 1, 2 and 3. Repeat them once more if your brushes needs more cleaning. 

Step 5: Take water in your glass and rinse your brushes. This time squeeze your brushes in between your thumb and index finger, as shown in the picture below. This will squeeze out most of the water. Make sure you place all of your brushes in same 'upside down' :P position. (I should have taken a picture :P)

Step 6: Now take a tissue paper, fold it twice, and squeeze the rest of the water by doing the following method. Make sure you start sliding the brush from its metal area, it will clean it as well. Also, shape the brush while doing so.

This brush had blue shadow on it, and it came off pretty well

Step 7: Fold your towel as needed and put your brushes on it as shown in the picture below. Bristles should be in the air.
I hope this post was helpful for you guys =) Please leave your feedback.
Share your style of washing your makeup brushes =) Share this post if you have liked it.

See you soon
*Stay Beautiful


  1. hola linda genial como las lavas yo las lavo pero poniendoles el chorro de agua jejeje creo qe si tiro bastantita =s buen post =)

  2. Yes its that time of the month again :P well i mean brush cleansing time

  3. very very helpful..thanks a lot

  4. Nice! Enjoyed reading this... ^.^

  5. thank you so much for the post !! really helpful , my procedure is almost similar except i have few more steps :P
    even i might share it some time, great picture, they conveyed everything so well :)

  6. @edith, rubab, fakhra, jae...Thanks girls :)
    @deeptima...i would love to read about ur method :) and thanks for liking it...i tried to give my best...

  7. That was so helpful! I'm definitely gonna try your method.
    Following you now. :)
    Everyone please check out my blog,i have posted my clothing collection there.

  8. Thanks for sharing this. Really helped me in cleaning my brushes :):)

  9. Thank you for sharing your secret :) great post! <3

  10. thanx for sharing this with us...will try it 2day i have to wash all my dirty brushes

    i would <3 if you follow me back


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