L'Oreal Liquid Foundation - White Perfect Pearl - Review & Swatch

Deciding what type of foundation you like is not much of a trouble but choosing the right shade is the most important and yet the most difficult decision to make. One 'yes' to a slightly different shade and you end up with a regret. I will write something about how you can choose the right shade and type of foundation, the easy way, in my future post but for now I am reviewing the perfect liquid foundation with i-am-satisfied shade I found after trying tons of foundation testers for an hour or so. :P Enough for the intro eh? 

Product name: L'Oreal Foundation-White Perfect Pearl (SPF 18/PA++)
Type: Liquid
My Shade: G3-Golden Beige (Suitable for oily & combination skin)

Quantity: 30ml

It feels really light on skin. Just a tiny bit of this product is quite enough for natural coverage. You can use two or three coats (depends on your need) for medium to full coverage. It has SPF 18 in it and this means it is perfect for day time. When I applied it first, I loved how the shade matched to my skin but later on I just fell in love with this foundation when I did not remember that I actually have foundation applied on my face, it is so light. =) Next thing that I loved about this product is that it does not come off really easily even when you are in a humid weather, your are sweating a bit, you totally forgot about your foundation and placed your hand on your cheek for so long or your son wants to kiss you on your cheek a ton of times. :P Yes, I am saying that it is perfect for working ladies, students and moms and I totally recommend this foundation. It has melanin block and vitamin C and UVA protection for fair skin tone.
I did not find anything bad about it for now, it even smells fine. =)
Texture of this foundation
All blended!
How do I apply it?
I apply it on my skin with my fingers and then I use Miss Taylor Kabuki Bursh by Sigma to spread and blend it on my skin in less than a minute. I used to put some product on my brush first but then I felt like it soak up so much of the product. You can also use a wet sponge if you prefer. Remember that a dry sponge will soak up more product.

How often do I use it?
Everytime I go out, having a party at home or even just feel like I want to see a more clear skin in the mirror :P because the application is just way too easy for me.

Bought it for 850 PKR (30 RM approx). Price is really suitable for the quality and 30ml of make-you-look-beautiful liquid foundation.

You have a sensitive skin?
I get allergic to things really easily, my eyes and skin is pretty sensitive when it comes to the products for eyes and face. I did not have any allergic reaction or even a slightest iching or side effect from this product. I use it to prime my eyes sometimes or even just to smooth out the eye area.

My Recommendation?
GO FOR IT ...... =)
Say thanks to PIA for delaying my flight and forcing me to write this pending review at last. haha!
I hope you have liked this review. Lemme know your experience of liquid foundation :)
Update Jan/2013:
I finished two bottles of this foundation but then I could not find it in the market. I tried L'Oreal's new True Match Foundation but to be honest, White Perfect Pearl had the better formula.

See you soon
*Stay Beautiful


  1. This is s must have for me. Thanks for sharing <3

  2. I am using it...its erfect..n yes I do have senstive skin too around eyes and having no issues with this one

  3. That sounds promising. Will check it out if it's available here. :)

  4. Lovely review girl love that it has melanin block might try it out sometime :) <3

  5. Is the foundation shimmery or glittery? I've seen other swatches that are! If so, is it super fine or noticeable?

  6. @shimmerpole..this foundation is not shimmery or glittery...you can see the blended swatch on the hand in this post...this is really fine and not one percent noticeable...

  7. Sounds great products. would love to try this one

  8. I really want such type of foundation which will not like pan cake.
    freshwater pearls

  9. Perfect for my combination skin thanks sahrish! sounds good. I’ve seen it for a while, but haven’t tried it yet. Now I have a reason to! :)


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