Z Palette Extra Large in Black - Review

I was sent this Z Palette by Makeup Geek sometime ago. I have been seeing people using these palette for many years but for some reason, I was never compelled to them. Let's see if I am a Z Palette fan now or not!

Z Palette Extra Large in Black - Review
Z Palette Extra Large in Black
Z Palette Extra Large in Black - Review
Z Palette Extra Large in Black
Z Palette Extra Large in Black - Review
Z Palette Extra Large in Black
Z Palette Extra Large in Black - Review
Z Palette Extra Large in Black - Magnetic Stickers
Z Palette Extra Large in Black - Review
Z Palette Extra Large in Black with Makeup Geek Eyeshadows
Z Palette Extra Large in Black - Review
Z Palette Extra Large in Black

Z Palette Extra Large in Black:
They say: 'The Extra Large Black Z Palette is the LARGEST Z PALETTE EVER! With enough surface area to fit 35 standard eyeshadow pans, and 12 Makeup Geek blush pans, the EXTRA LARGE Black Z Palette is still super slim and sleek. A must-have for pro's and beauty-lovers alike!
The patented Z Palette is an exclusive custom palette perfect for display and color comparison. It features a sleek and clean design that offers the strength of a plastic palette, while using eco-friendly recyclable materials. Fold the top portion completely under the bottom portion for a space saving feature on your vanity or makeup station. The Z Palette is the only one of its kind that includes both a clear window and an open magnetic base to fit any size shadow, blush, bronzer and even some foundations. Replace colors as often as you would like to your preference. 
*Please note shadows made in non-metal pans (for example, MAC de-potted shadows) will need metal stickers to adhere them to the magnetic pan in the Z Palette. 
*Comes with 20 pcs of our Round/Square Metal Stickers*
Outside 8.25"L x 6.19"W x 0.56"D
Inside 7.38"L x 5.25"W x 0.25"D

Overall Experience:
This review is coming from a person who needs to organize budget for a family which means, money can't just be saved for makeup as first priority will be something new for home, any future repairs, son's tuition fee; and the list goes on! Hence, I always try budget friendly items for my personal use until or unless I know I have some occasion / money to splurge on my wishlist. I had been using a simple DIY palette using a pencil case I found couple years ago.[You will see the Instagram photo below] It was working fine for me until I grew my collection for MUG shadows. Just when I was going thinking to either buy a Z Palette or make one with the help of YouTube tutorials, MUG sent me one to review. I guess it was a sign to start collecting these palettes now. And once you will get to the end of this review, you will know if investing in such a palette is a good idea or not.

Review Starts Here [skip all the blabbing]
This Z Palette in Extra Large is quite sturdy and can hold 35 MUG eyeshadow pans which I did not believe when I got it but you can see the photos how I have 27 shadows placed in this palette and still has room for 8 more. 

The black part of the palette is made up of card board and the clear part is plastic. It has a magnetic base so all metal pans would stick right on it and good thing is that it comes with metal stickers that you can stick under your pans in case they are made of non-metal material. The flap closes with a magnetic grip and it can fold all the way to the back. I should have taken a photo to explain that. *regrets*

The palette is sturdy enough to travel in a suitcase without you having to be worried about anything crushing your shadows. I still put a layer of bubble wrap between the lid and shadows, just in case. But I have tried pushing the clear part with my hand and it is really sturdy.

Now I can clearly see why people keep depotting their makeup, it would save a lot of space and above that, having a customized palette feels so good. This palette has made it really easy for me to take all these eyeshadows with me when I am traveling.

Overall, I am in love with this palette. I am expecting the plastic part to get scratchy and the card board part to tear with time but that highly depends on how one will use it. But I can see myself using this palette for a long time and probably ordering some limited edition and/or exclusive Z Palettes at Makeup Geek.

Cost & Availability:
Z Palette in Extra Large costs $28 and you can buy it from Makeup Geek's website here. As far as I know, this is the only one in this size but Makeup Geek has some gorgeous Limited Edition Z Palettes and also some exclusive Z Palettes that you can see here.

Have you tried any of the Z Palettes yet or thinking to buy one for yourself?

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The Instagram photo of my DIY attempt - which actually worked.
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Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful

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  1. I love z palette. And shadows in there are loveeeelllyyyyy ♡

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  2. Lovely Post :) Beautiful shadow collection :)

  3. Such a nice review! I love how you write every detail :D


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