Caviar Gold Skin Care Range by Clinelle - Review & Coupon Code

We all want flawless skin without using makeup every single day and that, in my opinion, can be achieved by following a healthy lifestyle and then by adapting a quality & continuous skin care routine. Today I will talk about a skin care range I tested for over six weeks. Let's see if it worked for me or not and if it is what you have been looking for.

Caviar Gold Skin Care Range by Clinelle - Review & Coupon Code
CaviarGold Firming Cleanser by Clinelle
Caviar Gold Skin Care Range by Clinelle - Review & Coupon Code
CaviarGold Firming Lotion by Clinelle
Caviar Gold Skin Care Range by Clinelle - Review & Coupon Code
CaviarGold Firming Eye Serum by Clinelle
Caviar Gold Skin Care Range by Clinelle - Review & Coupon Code
CaviarGold Firming Eye Serum by Clinelle

Firstly, let's see what the company claims about these products!

CaviarGold Firming Cleanser
For all skin types

A foaming gel cleanser that deeply cleanses skin of impurities and dullness without over-drying. Skin feels refreshed, soft & ready for treatment products.

Formulated with Triple-Gold Super LIFTING & FIRMING Complex, it contains powerful and effective paraben free, youth restoring ingredients –

CaviarGold Firming Lotion
For all skin types

A highly concentrated yet lightweight lotion that minimizes pores, refines texture and allow better penetration of subsequent skincare products. 

CaviarGold Firming Eye Serum
For all skin types

Firming Eye Serum firms, lifts and lightens in one brilliantly executed formula, employing advanced technologies and Triple-Gold Firming and Lifting Complex ingredients to zero in on a specific challenge. It also provides instant hydration, while smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing the sensation of puffiness, banish dark circles, improving elasticity and firmness. Skin’s surface is refined and restored. 

REPAIR:  with Caviar Extract that slows down aging process

REFINE: with 24K Nano Gold which reduces wrinkle and promotes V-contouring

RESHIELD: with PhytoGold Extract that whitens and promotes skin renewal for younger skin

My Experience:
CaviarGold Firming Cleanser worked really well for me. This is a two-in-one product for me as it works as a cleanser and a face wash at the same time, leaving a squeaky cleansed skin behind without giving any dry feeling to the skin. The product has tiny gold particles and has a smell that usually medicated skin products have. I personally like that smell for skin care range.

To use this product, I take a pea sized amount and apply on wet face. The quantity is sufficient for face and skin. I massage my face and neck in circular motion for 1-2 minutes and then rinse with water. I noticed that during massage, the cleanser starts to get dry while making leather so I keep adding some water, just like I do while I use any other cleanser or scrub.

As for results; it removes pretty much all the makeup, dirt, dust and oils from the skin. I always remove waterproof makeup before I use my cleansers though. As for firming and other results, I found my skin getting a better texture and smoothness but I will not comment on firming as my skin did not show any such results, which could be because I don't feel like I have any un-firming issues yet.

CaviarGold Firming Lotion is a clear product with tiny gold particles with a water-like consistency. It has a same smell as of the cleanser. I take a few drops and massage on my cleansed face and neck in circular motion. It stays a bit sticky at first but in a few minutes, the skin automatically absorbs all the product leaving smooth skin behind but I do not find this lotion to be suitable to wear under a foundation unlike my other moisturizers/creams because it feels a tiny bit heavy hence it is perfect to use at night time, right before bed.

As for results; it keeps the skin moisturized which in long terms results in a smooth foundation application. Firming results are same as the cleanser, however, this lotion in combination with the cleanser from this range is my favorite these days.

CaviarGold Firming Eye Serum claims to help you get rid of puffiness and dark circles while firming the area in a few days. I took the challenge and used the product every night after my cleansing and moisturizing routine for over three weeks because due to many factors, I was suffering with puffiness and discoloration under my eyes. Yes I skipped a day or to because I was travelling and it is not too easy to keep up with your home-routines while you are out of home. Anyways, withing 4-5 days, the discoloration was gone which was great but then everything just stopped there. I will still continue to use the eye serum because I just got back from holidays and now I can have a more disciplined skin care and sleeping routine.

This product, as you can see in the photos, has gold balls in it which break when you pump the product out. A tiny bit goes a long way and I use my ring fingers to massage around the eyes. This is a rather sticky product but since it worked for me in one department, I still use it right before bed else I feel my lids sticking to the upper eye area which is not really a good feel. Imagine wearing a primer over eyes and opening the eyes before it is dried.

Overall, this range is pretty good and showed some promising results in terms of giving my skin a healthy, smooth and fresh texture but since I do not have any skin are that needs firming yet, I cannot comment if it will work for other or not. The eye serum however, haven't helped me get rid of the puffiness yet but I will make sure to post an update if I see any improvements.

Cost & Availability:
CaviarGold Firming Cleaner costs RM 21.20 for 50 ml & RM 35.95 for 100 ml
CaviarGold Firming Lotion costs RM 59.30 for 180 ml
CaviarGold Firming Eye Serum costs RM 101.70 for 15 ml

You can buy these product online from
Use RM20 Off Online Shopping Voucher Code: FANSOKQJTLY20 with the purchase of RM100 or more and enjoy the FREE Shipping across Malaysia.

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful

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