Jewelry by OMG Jewelz - Review

Even though I do not wear jewelry all the time except for my wedding ring and eyebrow stud, I still love collecting jewelry whenever I can. But then, I am a person who would prefer to buy jewelry online but can we trust the quality and service of any website? I have had bad experiences in past but today I am glad to have one of the great options for you guys, living all across the globe. 

OMG Jewelz - Introduction & Review:
This is a new online store based in Pakistan and they now carry a vast range of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. They ship worldwide for a flat shipping rate of $5 and provide cash on delivery option within Pakistan.

As for the service; they contacted me while I was in Pakistan and asked me to pick some pieces to review. I will be reviewing them later in this post for I want to mention that I was quite skeptical while picking the pieces because I know that jewelry pieces always look awesome in photos which are taken professionally but when you get to see the pieces in real life, they can be a big disappointment at time. Been there, done that! *sigh*

Moving on to OMG Jewelz, the pieces I picked (except for the earrings, they were an additional gift) were all high quality and if I had bought them, I would have been a happy customer because my money would have been well spent. They also have fast delivery time.

Lets move onto the review; please note that all the photos you will see are not at all retouched in any way except for some basic cropping and light adjustment. This is to show you each and every detail of the product. I have not tried the earrings because I am not reviewing any artificial earrings as my ear piercings are acting weird for past some time but I still wanted to show you how they look like.     
Jewelry by OMG Jewelz - Review
Rhinestone Elephant Necklace
Rhinestone Elephant Necklace:
This is a great statement necklace to have in ones collection. This piece has some good weight & when you wear it, it sits right under the color-bone and since it has a good weight, it stays in place. All the rhinestones were in place and are still in tact as for now. I loved this piece for the beauty, quality and the fact that it didn't change its color yet even with sweating.

You can adjust the chain according to your liking.

Jewelry by OMG Jewelz - Review
Long Tassle Necklace [left] & Crystal Geometric Necklace [right]

Long Tassle Necklace [left] & Crystal Geometric Necklace [right]:
Long Tassle Necklace is one of its kind jewelry piece and I am telling you, your collection is incomplete if you are into antique-looking-gold pieces and you still don't have anything like this. This piece also has nice quality and good weight. I am 5.7" and when I wear this necklace, it ends about 1-2 inches above my belly button, well! I didn't have a better idea to explain that! =D The joint part that looks like a ring is fixed to the tassles but the chain can come off and you can use the chain on its on. You must be wondering what you can do with the tassles while you are using the chain? Well, imagine it as your key chain or an addition on your hand bag. It depends on how you want to give love to your jewelry.

Crystal Geometric Necklace is my favorite among all three, unexpectedly. It is also a long necklace and the chain is quite light but high quality and durable. The silver, pendant part has a very neat finish and tassle at the end just add a nice touch. The double chain look you see in the photo is exactly how it looks when I wear it. This necklace is about 1 cm longer than Long Tassle Necklace.

Both of these have adjustable chains and haven't changed the color yet.

Jewelry by OMG Jewelz - Review
Round Zircon Ring

Round Zircon Ring:
This is also a good quality piece for the price. All the zircons were intact and still are. This ring obviously has a tendency to change color if gets wet but I expect that from artificials rings. It looks pretty on finger and is a good piece to have in collection.

Jewelry by OMG Jewelz - Review

I have no idea what they are called on their website but I can't really find them on the website anymore so not even sure about the price. This item does not look really high quality so I am assuming it would not be that expensive either. The finishing is not too refined and you know how at times you take something in hand and you just can't like it? Also, I am not too much into floral stuff for my ears.

I have not used this item so I cannot comment on that.

Overall, I am happy that they have quality prices and since they have started, the have expanded their range and have added some nice and unique collection. Do give this store a try and I am sure you will have a great experience. And if you do, make sure you let me know as well.

Cost & Availability:
If you are in Pakistan, this website will show you prices in pkr but here in Malaysia it shows prices in AED. I hope there will be an option for already USD & GBP conversion option soon. You can visit OMG Jewelz's website for details on prices and to place an order if you wish to.

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