May 2013 Haul + Store Review - HiShop Malaysia

A few weeks back I came across this website from Malaysia that carries makeup and skincare products for so many different brands. After a few days, I placed my first order from them. Want to know my experience?

HiShop Malaysia is an online web-store that carries products from lots of different brands. They offer amazing deals every now and then and so far what I got was all genuine. They say on their website to wait for one week for the order and I got mine in about 9 days. Reason for the delay was because of a product that went out of stock. I am not complaining here because they called me within a week to ask if I wanted to replace it with something or want my money back. I went to replace it but the price was RM1 more than what I ordered before and being so nice, they shed the extra buck off. I got my parcel in perfect condition and everything was more-than-securely packed. 

They offer free nationwide shipment on all orders above RM50 but I got a coupon online for RM20 discount on orders above RM100. Moreover, they give three free samples of your choice plus a few coupons. I utilized that and I believe I got some amazingly good deal. Not to forget the box that my order came in; it is sturdy, pretty and useful.

Overall, I am really pleased with HiShop's services and their really polite and patient staff. I am going to order from them again in future.

I bought: 
  • Yadah's BB Cream (this was the product I got in place for one that went out of stock)
  • Stage's Brush Cleaner
  • Deoproce Hydro Face Mist
  • Farmasi's Blush

I got:

  • A couple of coupons.
  • Clinelle's Sun Screen (samples sized)
  • Nature & Co's Mask (samples sized)
  • Nature & Co's Lotions (samples sized)

This was my haul for this month. You can check out HiShop Malaysia's website to know more about the business and their services. Also, wait for my next post for a great discount coupon from them before you buy anything. =D

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  1. Aww nice haul! The Angel BB cream looks so adorable ^_^

  2. Wow!great haul!can't wait for the reviews :)

  3. OMG!! I'm eye-ing the stage brush cleaner. Can you please make a review on it? It is sooo hard to find brush cleaner here in Malaysia. Sigh.

  4. I love the Nature & Co Mask! You can read my review over at my blog. Also, cool haul! Stage Brush Cleaner!

  5. Nice haul, looking for reviews :)


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