Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops - Review

You read my posts with positives & negatives about every product but have you ever heard me regret buying a product? Well, I guess I broke my record with this one.

Nail Art Express Dry Drops:
sometimes every second counts: and with the express dry drops your nail polish dries in just 60 seconds! due to the pipette the product can be systematically and dropwisely applied. and the best: fingernails and cuticles will be nourished with vitamin e and almond oil getting extra shine!

To Use:
Apply 1-2 drops on your freshly polished nails.

Product Description & Packaging:
These nail art dry drops come in a glass bottle with a pipette. The consistency of the product is watery and it contains 8ml of product.

Overall Experience:
For this product, I don't have much to say. It claims to dry the freshly painted nail polish in 60 seconds but it did not work for me. It does not dry the nail polish at all. If let's say one of my nail polish dries on my nails in around 2-3 minutes, it will take the same time with these drops. The formulation contains oil so it makes your nails look shiny but that goes away when you wash your hands or wipe your nails with a tissue.

I have tried it over and over again but this just did not work for me. I have read great reviews about this product but I don't know why this happened to me. I am pretty disappointed with the product and I feel sad about the money I spent on it. Do let me know if you have this product and how you are using it. I would love if this will somehow work for me.

Cost & Availability:
I bought this product in January this year and I don't remember how much it was for. But it was around 350-400 PKR (12-14 RM). I will update the price as soon as I find the receipt. Essence is available in so many countries now. In Pakistan, you can find it on almost all big stores and in Malaysia, you can find this brand in all drugstores.

Have you ever bought something that did not work for you? Share with me if you have.

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  1. Oh so sad :(, so its better to dry nail paint through Cold water, easy, and free of cost.

  2. Oh! the idea of the product is interesting but sad that it didn't work out for u. It reminds me of my experience with L'Oreal Cashmere creme blush which was such a disappointment!!

  3. i once tried this in the store & didnt buy as didnt like it:(

  4. It looks preety n also yumy ahan I realy want to try .

  5. It was great to read this review, I'm curious to try this product. I'll buy it and let you know how it turns out for me! Having an instant nail polish dryer that's nourishing as well would be such a good buy

  6. thanx for honest review

  7. Aww sorry to hear that it didn't work for you.But if it gives more shine hen it is good. Hope I will try it in future.

  8. Ive read a few reviews on how this doesnt work at all! It would be such a great product for the market.

  9. Thanks for your honest review! Im into nail art and need something like this that can speed up the drying process between coats. I guess this wont do then!

  10. awwwww sorry it didn't work for u :(
    but i want to try :)

  11. It becomes a tiring deal to wait for the polish to dry, I hope a better product comes out. Thanks for the honest review tough!


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