Nail Guides - Review, NOTD & Tutorial

Are you as bad in nail art as I am? Well, I have got it all covered for you then. Today I will show you how easily you can achieve something professional without wasting anymore tears on those perfect lines on nails.

Nail Guides:
These nail guides have three different cuts and each cut has about 18-20 strips. They have a sticky base to stick on the nails easily.

Following is a pictorial to guide you on how I used these. This was my very first try and I am happy to have some fine lines without much effort.

1- Apply a base color of your choice. I chose Kryptonite by piCture pOlish.
2- Stick the strips the way you want. 

3- Apply another color on the tips. I chose Heavy Metal by piCture pOlish. (I let them dry since it was my first time but applying polish on a nail and then taking off the strip immediately gives best results.)

4- Take off the strips and apply a clear top coat. Tadaa! My favorite out of these two styles is the one on my ring finger.

Overall Experience:
I am not a huge fan of  nail art. For me, a neatly applied nail polish is always good. But still, I also want to go for a tiny hint of nail art on me occasionally. A mommy can only wish for something quick but fun because letting a whole nail art dry is the first thing on a mommy's mind. With these nail guides, I can totally say that I have saved time, mess and frustration to achieve something different sometimes.

They are really easy to stick to the nails but unfortunately the glue sometimes stay on the nails which looks awkward and is hard to take off. I would suggest using the guides either on nude nails or let your base coat dry super hard and then apply the guides. If the glue does not come off completely, use a wet cotton bud to get rid of it and then apply your top coat.

If you do not stick them too hard for the first time, you can reuse them atleast one more time. Also keep in mind to remove them when you top polish is wet. If you will let your polish dry and then take off the guides, they will give you a sharp edge.

Overall, I am loving these guides. I have used them a couple of time and I love how easily I can get those neat lines.

Cost & Availability:
If I am not wrong, one pack of these nail guides costs PKR200 and you can order it online from Beauty Unleashed. They ship within Pakistan only.

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  1. I guess something like this will help someone like me in doing some presentable nail art:)Urs is great

  2. Great, well it works Nice... <3

  3. i have these strips and i love them because they save my time and easy to use as well

  4. nycc veryy helpful and easy to get a neat and clean nail art...

  5. Affordable. N u can create variety ofmanis... thnx for shar

  6. Wow! This is so easy. :)

  7. Amazing nail art and very neat and clean <3 it


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