Haul - April 2012 - Sleek, MUA, Elianto, VanityTrove and jewelry!

No matter how hard I try 'not to buy more makeup for some time', I end up buying some anyways. Let's see what I got for me last month.
Some of these thing I bought in last month and some of them I bought earlier but they arrived in last month. Here are the details about everything.

12 Shade Poptastic Palette (left) & 24 Shade Immaculate Collection Palette (right) by MUA

Starting with MUA products, I ordered these on 1st of March, 2012 but they reached me after a whole month. They had one day international offer where every international customer was getting one 24 Shade Immaculate Collection palette (although I already had one). I did not give it a second thought and ordered some stuff for me.
This 24 Shade Immaculate Collection (on right) is for £8 (RM 40, PKR 1175 approx) but I got it for free. The shipping was for about £8 so basically I got free shipping. Yayyy =)
The 12 Shade Poptastic palette (on left) is for £4 (RM 29, PKR 580 approx).
Blusher in #2 & Lipstick in #14 Bare by MUA
This blusher in shade # 2 costs £1 (RM5, PKR 145 approx). The lipstick is in shade # 14 which is called 'Bare' and also costs £1 (RM5, PKR 145 approx). 

Extreme Felt Eyeliner (left), 3 in 1 Contour Pen in 'Sea Blue' (middle) & Eye Primer (right) by MUA
The Extreme Felt Eyeliner in black (on left) costs £2 (RM10, PKR 290 approx). I totally love this eyeliner. The 3 in 1 Contour Pen in 'Sea Blue' (in middle) costs £1.50 (RM7.5, PKR 220 approx) & Eye Primer (on right) costs £2.50 (RM12.50, PKR 370 approx).
I bought all these MUA products from their website. These are the half of the products that I ordered from MUA but they are not in my haul because I got them for my sister-in-law.
Molten Metal in 'Steel and Ash' (left), Pout Paint in 'Pin Up' (middle) & PPQ Me, Myself & I - i-Divine Palette (right) by Sleek Makeup
I ordered these products by Sleek Makeup long ago but as they had to come to me through someone else, I got them really late and thought to add in this haul. I got Sleek Makeup before as a gift from my sister but they were all lipsticks and pout paints (I ain't into lip stuff much) and you might have seen them ended up in my blog sale. Anyways, Molten Metal in 'Steel and Ash' (on left) costs $10.50 (RM31, PKR 900 approx), Pout Paint in 'Pin Up' (in middle) costs $8 (RM24, PKR 725 approx) and PPQ Me, Myself & I - i-Divine Palette (on right) costs $10.50 (RM31, PKR 900 approx) and this palette is not available anymore on their website. I bought these products from their website.
Eyelash Glue in 'Clear' by Koji (left) & Vibrant Shadow in shade red by Elianto (left)
Eyelash Glue in 'Clear' by Koji costs RM9.90 (PKR 300 approx) and I got it from Sasa. This is a nice glue and very inexpensive. The single eyeshadow is by Elianto, it is in red shade but does not have a name. I don't remember its exact price but it was around RM6-8 (PKR 180-240 approx). Elianto has some really stunning bright shades in matte that are hard to find. I got this from Elianto's store at Sunway Pyramid.
Hair Removing Tool
I saw this kind of hair removing tools everywhere and read some positive reviews about them and thought to buy one for myself. It costs RM5 (PKR 150 approx). I got it from Berjaya Times Square. There is a shop over there (I don't remember the name) but that shop worth a visit. They have all the tools that you will see in a salon, nail supplies, and so many other useful stuff. 
March 2012 VanityTrove
I got this March's VanityTrove in April and one of the bottle was leaked as you can see the splatter on that light pink paper. I got Astalift's full skin care trial set + a $10 voucher. The company is so helpful and understanding that they sent me two bottles of that one leaked bottle in the trove, a Snail AC Trouble Mask by Snail Street and a Skin Inc Pure Repair Whitening Eye Mask by Skinc as compensation. (pictures below). I got this trove for RM50 (PKR 1500 approx) but now it is for RM60. You can subscribe to them to get your vanity trove and they are also having a mother's day promotion. On a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, you also get credits that you can use on your next order. Click here to find out more about VanityTrove. My trove was worth $150 and the products are really good.

Skin Inc Pure Repair Whitening Eye Mask by Skinc (left), Snail AC Trouble Mask by Snail Street (middle) & Nail Art Stickers (right)
I bought last month's Female & Seventeen (Magazines) and they came with these beautiful nail art stickers. I haven't tried them yet but so far they look fine. Female is a great magazine but Seventeen is also a great magazine for teenagers.
I bought these for no specific reason. =P Oh yeah there was a reason, they were 4 for RM 10 (PKR 300 approx) and the quality was great. Got them from Berjaya Times Square. I am so in love with these beauties. I have been wearing them in my recent videos. You can see them below or just open the videos on YouTube. 
In first video here, I am wearing golden earrings. They are so beautiful and really look amazing. In second and third video you will see two earrings (both at the bottom of the picture above) and I have not used the one in top left corner of the picture yet. If you want to leave your feedback about these videos, kindly leave your comments on YouTube so they will stay there. =)  
The earrings I am wearing in the video below have a spring shape and they look really cool with any casual outfit.
The earrings I am wearing in the video below are really light weight and have a beautiful style.
That is it for the haul. I have no intention to buy anything for this month and I am just going to play with this stuff. =) If you have enjoyed reading this post, please share it ahead by using sharing buttons below. You can also Pin these picture (linking back to this post) if you want. If you want to see reviews for any of these products, leave a comment. =)

Thank you for your time.
*Stay Beautiful
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