Blush in 'Sugar Plum' by Sweet Treat Cosmetics - Review & Swatch!

Sweet Treat Cosmetics makes some really amazing eye shadows and I totally love them. I got to try their blush as well and let's see how it worked for me?

Blush in 'Sugar Plum' by Sweet Treat Cosmetics:
They say: 'Sugar Plum is the perfect mauve blush! It's great especially for darker complexions, and is perfect for a classic, old-Hollywood look!'
Blush in 'Sugar Plum' by Sweet Treat Cosmetics
This blush comes in a clear sifter jar with black lid, made up of plastic.


  • Mica
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Iron Oxides
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Magnesium Staerate
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Sericite

Blush in 'Sugar Plum' by Sweet Treat Cosmetics
Pros & Cons:

  • Easy to blend.
  • Suitable for those who want a sheer tone blush.
  • Suitable for dark skin tones.
  • Powder formation keeps the skin shine free.
  • Shimmer in this blush adds a nice glow to the skin.
  • Can be used on face and eyes.
  • Non irritant.
  • This blush is too light to be really visible and only feels like the skin is smooth where it is applied.

Blush in 'Sugar Plum' by Sweet Treat Cosmetics
In this swatch, you can see how beautiful this blush looks. It looks the same if applied on eyes over a primer but it is really sheer on face even with a good amount of product but adds a nice yet very light shade.
Blush in 'Sugar Plum' by Sweet Treat Cosmetics
Makeup Look where I used this blush:
I used this blush in this makeup look. The blush is rather visible in the picture because it is applied really heavily, which for me is an excessive use of blush plus, it is mixed with the bronzer I used in the look.

Overall Experience & Recommendation:
I am not really happy with this product to be used as a blush when I need color quickly but it works great for eyes and to add some color back into my skin over foundation. I am not saying that I hate it because it somehow gives a good result when I want a sheer finish. If I apply it without anything else on my face, it really smooths the skin and gives a glowy finish. I believe it is suitable for darker complexions, as the description says. I also use this blush under my eyes, sometimes when my concealer gives me whitish finish and it usually happens when I am not wearing any foundation at all. A quick swipe of this blush balances the concealer and make it look fresh. I found this blush to be on the pink side than the mauve. As a blusher, this product did not make me happy but I have found some other uses for it. If you have darker skin tone, you want a blush that is not overly shimmery, gives a nice glow and light color or you have no problem with the color to show up much, you can try this product.

Cost & Availability:
This blush is available on Sweet Treat Cosmetics' website over here for $7.50. They ship worldwide and the shipping rate for international orders is $2.50 which is pretty inexpensive. Check out their Facebook fan page over here.

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