Pakistani Beauty Blogger Community is Back with a new series, 'Introduce Yourself' + Answers to your Questions!

Pakistani Beauty Bloggers community is back after such a long time and there has been a new series started in which all of us Pakistani bloggers are going to introduce ourselves by answering a couple of very basic questions. 

If you don't know about PBBC yet, it is a platform for Pakistani bloggers around the world to get together at one place. If you are from Pakistan and you blog, do join us. =) 
While I was about to do this post, I thought to ask you guys if you want to ask me anything and I will answer it in this post and the questions I got were really interesting. Let's start from these 14 basic questions and then I will move to the questions my readers asked me.

0. Your picture (optional)

1. Your Full Name? 
Sahrish Adeel

2. Your Date of Birth?
26th February, 1985

3. Your Blog's name?
Sahrish Adeel's Blog (

4. Your profession? 
Housewife, mother and blogger.

5. Where are you from? City/Country.
I am from Lahore, Pakistan but currently I am living in Malaysia.

6. Who is your favorite Pakistani and a non-Pakistani beauty blogger - who inspires you the most?
There are so many bloggers doing such great work and it is really hard to choose just two. But, from Pakistan, I really admire Sara Hassan from Sara Hassan's Blog ( and for a non-Pakistani blogger, I really like Kirita from Makeup Your Jangsara ( I love both of these bloggers for their unbiased and honest content and the fact that they never hide anything and give their best to help their readers. 

7. What made you to start blogging?
I used to make YouTube videos and was running a Facebook fan page where I used to give beauty tips only. At the start of 2011, we planned to move abroad and our studio equipment was packed. Hence, I had no chance to shoot any videos. My husband moved to Malaysia before I did and I was in Pakistan for about three months. Those three months brought a big change in my life and the irritation of not be able to work gave me the idea to write a blog. I still did not have any plans to continue it but after getting really good response, I am now blogging for most of my time. 

8. Since when are you blogging? 
I started blogging in May, 2011. Before that I was only making videos on YouTube.

9. Your favorite past time?
If I am not feeling like working on my blog in my free time, I mostly read blogposts from other bloggers and surf YouTube. I really love The Ellen's Show, that I get to watch on YouTube. I love to play PC games and I don't sleep without watching a movie with my husband. =)

10. Your 5 favorite beauty products and brands?
This is a really hard question. =) I am more of a product loving person and it does not matter which brand it is from. Currently, I am in love with Eye Primer & Pen Liner by MUA, Sheertone Blush in 'Pink Swoon' by MAC, Mineral Foundation in 'Medium' & Finishing Powder in 'Matte' by Mineral Hygienics, Lip Tar in 'Uber' by OCC, Signature Lipstick in 'Nude Pink' by Luscious Cosmetics and I have just realized that I wrote seven products already and there are so many more in my mind right now. 

11. A beauty tip that you would like to give others?
Always keep yourself hydrated and moisturized and you can do this by keeping a bottle of water and a moisturizer where you can see them, so you remember to use them. If you get used to to this habit, you will feel yourself being healthy and fresh from inside out.

12. What is the BEST thing about blogging?
I have made so many friends since I have started blogging and the apreciation I get, makes everyday of my life so happy and motivates me to blog more and more. I am also really thankful to my readers and my family to motivate me to start making videos again.

13. What's your Fashion style that describes YOU? 
I wear whatever is comfortable and don't make me look fat. =P I am more of a jeans, tees and sneakers type of person.

14. How would you describe your makeup style?
I use makeup as an accessory and until or unless their is a party or I am shooting for my videos or blog, I keep it minimal and simple. Sometimes, a concealers, liner and a lip balm is all I wear.

15. Any advice for fellow bloggers and the new girls?
Be yourself, be original and do what you feel is right. Learn to appreciate others and specially the people around you, if you want to be appreciated by the world.

Questions from my readers:
  • Who is your role model?
At this point when I have my own family and I am in a practical life, I realize that I have never had one person as my role model. I try to absorb and practice all the best things I can, from people around me, that includes my family, friends, people I meet, people I watch on internet. 
  • How come you settled in Malaysia?
My husband got admission in MBA last year in June and so me and son moved with him. 
  • How do you get time for blogging and YouTube channel?
I sleep less and I have become a multitasker. =P Since I do each and every house chore while taking care of my hubby and kid, it was really hard for me to blog, as blogging is not just about writing a blog post. It involves a whole process of so many things. I usually do writing after my son is asleep and I do the rest of the stuff (photography, editing, replying to comments/email etc etc) during the day when ever I get to sit for 5-10 minutes. =) As far as YouTube videos are concerned, my husband shoots and edits my videos. It is not easy but it is not impossible as well. Sometimes I have to get up again and again while editing just one picture and since I am writing this post while my son is around me, I got up like 5 times while writing this one answer. =P
  • Your marriage is arranged or love/how you guys met/when did you get married?
It was a love marriage and me & my husband were best friends that we still are. We got married on 24th of October, 2007. (I have been asked these questions tons and tons of times since I started making YouTube videos. =))
  • How you take care of your son and home with blogging etc?
Same answer, I sleep less and multitasking is the key. My son stopped giving me a really hard time for a couples of weeks early this year and things started to go smooth with blogging and I used to write while he was up but for past one month, he literally keeps me engaged all the time he is awake. And I had to cut off a few hours from my sleep. A mommy blogger asked me this question and she felt that her kid is getting neglected, I felt that too at a point and that is the reason I adapted this routine. Plus, a really simple tip for mommy bloggers, please try to keep yourself relaxed. As for me, me and my hubby watches a movie every night after my son is asleep and that really freshen up my mind. 
  • From where did you get your studies?
I graduated from Punjab University in Journalism and after that I did a couple of my diplomas in beauty related field. I am still looking forward to study further after my son starts to go to school. 
  • Your pictures are so good, which camera do you use?
I use Canon 7D.
  • Who takes your pictures?
Every picture on my blog except for my full face pictures are taken by me. My husband takes my full face pictures.
  • From where did you get this blog template? 
I am using a general template from blogger and I designed it by doing so much tweaking which finally gave a good result.

That is it for all the questions for now. I really has fun answering these questions. I used to answer every question individually but now I am thinking to do a post once in a while to answer your questions collectively. 

Thank you so much for your time and to my readers who really take this much interest and ask me really interesting questions. You can join me on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, BlogLovin' or via RSS.

*Stay Beautiful


  1. It is really nice to know about you

  2. it was so good to know about you..hey we also watch movies every night(hubby n me)

    i am so happy Pakistani blogger community is back... am working on my post nearly done....

    1. This is a really fun habit! We have been watching Friends for last couple of days since our speed to watch movies is way fast than they launch and we are almost done watching a few boring movies as well. =P I would love to read your post as well.

  3. I LOVE how honest you are in this post...and this may sound weird but after reading this post...I've gathered that you're very down to earth and SUPER relatable!...I don't always comment on blogs but I thought i'd put that out there :-)

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. =) This compliment has made my day. I really feel great to have readers like you.

  4. glad to know you more dear .. great post...

  5. love love the make up on you very creative x

  6. wow impressive


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