Cleansing & Polishing Tool by Sigma - Review!

What's better than having an inexpensive way to pamper yourself in your own home, whenever you want? 
Cleansing & Polishing Tool by Sigma:
Sigma says: 'The Cleansing & Polishing Tool contains three unique brush heads specially designed to improve your skin care routine. The brush heads were individually developed to provide smoother, flawless-looking skin. Discover your natural radiance!'

This tool comes in a box. Inside the box there is a plastic box with a transparent lid. This plastic box is great to keep the tool dust free but not hidden, so you remember to use it and it looks pretty. =)
This whole kit contains: 
  • One plastic box
  • One electric device
  • Three brush head attachments
  • Instructional leaflets
Cleansing & Polishing Tool by Sigma
Pros & Cons:
  • Full face/body cleansing/polishing tools in one kit in really affordable price.
  • Battery operated.
  • Two brush speeds. 
  • Plastic kit keeps the tools dust free and makes it easy to travel with.
  • Uses two AA batteries so if you forget your batteries or if you are travelling via airplane, you can get the batteries from anywhere 24/7.
  • Makes skin smooth instantly and helps to improve skin texture.
  • Brush heads are really easy to wash.
  • Water resistant (not water proof).

  • It should have a 30 and/or 60 seconds timer.

Brush Heads: Left to Right - Medium, Firm & Soft
Brush Heads:
In the picture above, you can see the brush head attachments. Sigma has launched three more attachments in past months, that you can check here.
  • Soft: Suitable for facial cleansing and polishing.
  • Medium: Suitable for face (only if you don't have sensitive skin) and rest of the body.
  • Firm: Suitable for tough areas like elbows, knees, heels.
Cleansing & Polishing Tool by Sigma
Overall Experience & Recommendation:
I have been using this tool for over 2-3 months. At first I did not feel completely comfortable with this tool but after experimenting with it, I fell in love with this Cleansing & Polishing Tool by Sigma. I have oily and very sensitive skin, specially on my face and neck. At first when I used this tool, I could not touch the area around my nose, cheeks and middle of my forehead for two days. It was red and kind of painful. I recovered with no scars or breakouts but I did not use it on my face for next two weeks. 
I did the mistake of using it for too long than my skin could handle and above that, I used soft brush for cleansing which was fine but medium brush for scrubbing which made it terrible. Later on I started using this tool 2-3 times a week for face but I only use soft brush for one minute for cleansing and once a month I do scrubbing with the same soft brush. I finish off the cleansing routine with a toner and a moisturizer and when I use scrub, I finish it off with a mask, toner and moisturizer. 
I use medium brush for my arms and legs and I shift between both speeds according to my need. 
I use firm brush for my legs sometimes, it exfoliates really great and this brush is so perfect for feet. It helps to get rid of my achy feet by the end of the day and improves the blood circulation. This has become a permanent step of my pedicure routine.
I read people complaining that it splatters the product, I personally had the same problem in start but I noticed that if there is too much product or too much water, it does splatter but if I keep the product and water moderated, it is not much of a problem. I keep this kit beside my bath tub because I can see it there and I won't forget to use it and the plastic kit keeps everything safe from water as well. After the use, I just remove the attachment, rinse it in running water (always remove the attachment because the device is only water resistant and not water proof) and place it on a clean towel to dry and I occasionally dip my attachments in a solution of anti bacterial and water for some time.
Overall, I am really happy with this tool and I am looking forward to buy Spa Solutions as well, which Sigma launched some time back, it has three more amazing attachments.
If you compare it with any other tool with same functions, you would not find one in this price. This is really inexpensive and if it has a flaw or two, it is worth a try and if you are using it properly or do not have any special medical skin conditions, you are going to love it. 
Cleansing & Polishing Tool by Sigma
Cost & Availability:
The Cleansing & Polishing Tool by Sigma costs $39 and can be purchased online from their website here. They have separate brush heads available for $9 each that you can check here (soft), here (medium) & here (firm). If you want to buy Spa Solutions ($29) as well, I recommend you buy Spa Solutions Complete Kit ($59) and save some bucks. If you are thinking about giving a gift to any woman/girl, this Spa Solution Complete Kit would make a perfect and life time gift. Sigma ships worldwide. 

10% Discount Coupon Code and a Complimentary Gift:
Use GLAM2012 to get 10% off on your complete purchase. This coupon code is valid till 31st of May, 2012. If you are buying it after May, check out this coupon code page because it is updated every month with new discount coupon codes. Also, if your purchase (excluding shipping) is above $30, you will get a complimentary gift from Sigma. 

Have you tried this tool from Sigma yet or looking forward to get one soon?

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